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Silent Keys

I give up. I was looking at an old incorrect list of numbers. AK4N Grady is number 838. I have canned that old list and won’t have to worry about it anymore. Thanks Barry for pointing it out. Dave KJ8V

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Silent Key Correction

Grady AK4N’s G # is 858 not 838. Sorry, fat fingered the number. Dave KJ8V

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Sorry to report that there are 5 Geratoler Silent Keys. W2NR Frank NJ #138, K8GK Dale MI #408, W0FF Jim MO #550, AK4N Grady SC #838. AA9GZ Bob WI #1768. AA9GZ was reported by Barry K2MF. RIP Guys you will be missed.

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Geratoler Silent Keys

First off I have to make a correction to the Silent Keys post on the Yahoo Gnet Web Site. N3NH Al PA # 2027 is not a Silent Key. I screwed up when I was searching GLIST for call signs. W3UP Bob IN # 2106 is reported as a Silent Key. RIP Bob you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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New Geratol Number

I issued Geratol Number 2672 today. Recipient has been notified. I imagine he will be on this Sunday night. Dave KJ8V

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2018-19 NCS Schedule

Hi Everyone,
Here is the schedule for NCS’s for the season.
Sunday W0FP
Monday KE9TC
Tuesday AA4HF
Wednes WG5N
Thursday AC1DR
Friday KJ8V
Saturday N0HD

AI4IL will pick up Wednesday nights starting 1 Nov.

If anyone is interested in being a NCS please let me know. We could use volunteers to cover nights when the regular guys are unable to cover. Please give it due consideration.
Bruce NØHD
Net Control Coordinator

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Geratoler ilent Keys

Happy to report that there were no Geratoler Silent Keys in the October QST. Dave KJ8V

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Net Startup

Thanks Kevin for the reminder about the Net startup. Also all NCS’s need to let Bruce N0HD know if you are going to be an NCS again this season. If you think you would like to be an NCS please also let Bruce know. It ain’t hard and it is fun. You can’t screw up and there are lots of folks that will help you. See everyone on the Net. Dave KJ8V

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New GERATOL Season Approaching !!!

The Summer of 2018 is nearly behind us.

Believe it or not, a new GERATOL Season is rapidly approaching.    As always, we launch the new season, (Version – 2018/2019) on Oct 1, 0100 UTC.

Or, 9:00PM Eastern Time on Sunday, Sept. 30th.

Last season reflected an increase in GERATOL numbers issued from the previous year, which may be a sign conditions are FINALLY improving.   Let’s hope that is the case.

We also had a few of the regulars successfully complete their 50/50 Award, where they were able to work all 50 states, and in addition, were able to contact 50 Operators who had been licensed continuously for 50 years.  Congratulations to all who have completed that challenging award, and good luck to those still in the hunt !!

Let’s kick off the new season with a BANG !   Take a few minutes to check in, say hi, renew old acquaintances and give out some contacts to the new guys looking for those last few states.

N1KL  Kevin


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ARRL Headquarters, Hurricane Watch Net, SATERN Monitoring Active Storms




With active storms in the Atlantic and Pacific basins, ARRL Headquarters, the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN), and the Salvation Army Team Emergency Network (SATERN) are all on alert. The most imminent storm is Hurricane Florence, now a major Category 3 storm, which is set to strike the Carolinas later this week. Hurricane Watch Net Manager Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, said over the weekend that the net is keeping a close eye on Hurricanes Florence and Isaac, a Category 1 storm that could affect the Lesser Antilles before heading into the eastern Caribbean.

“Florence is expected to affect the US East Coast midweek, [with] Isaac affecting the Windward Islands about the same time,” Graves said. “The impact of Florence could be catastrophic, as it is forecast to make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane.” Graves notes that Charleston, South Carolina, was last hit by Category 4 storm when Hugo made landfall in 1989.

As of 1500 UTC, Florence was some 580 miles south-southeast of Bermuda and 1,240 miles east-southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, with maximum sustained winds of 115 MPH. The storm is moving west at 13 MPH.

The HWN has not announced any activation plans. The net traditionally uses 14.325 MHz during daylight hours and 7.268 MHz after dark. “With propagation being extremely poor to nonexistent on 20 meters, we may be forced to operate on both bands simultaneously,” Graves said. WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is currently in a planning stage and anticipating activating Wednesday, September 12, through Friday, September 14. When WX4NHC activates, it will operate cooperatively with HWN as net stations funnel ground-level reports to the Center.

The International SATERN SSB Net has announced plan to activate in response to Hurricane Florence on Thursday, September 13, remaining in operation at least through Saturday, September 15. SATERN operates on 14.265 MHz with 14.312 MHz as an alternative frequency.
“The Salvation Army is already beginning to plan for major deployments of personnel and equipment,” SATERN announced over the weekend.

The Voice over Internet Protocol Weather/Hurricane Net (VoIPWX) is expected to activate late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Storms in the Pacific include Tropical Storm Paul, which is not expected to affect land, and Hurricane Olivia, a Category 1 storm that could threaten Hawaii. The NHC has advised Hawaii residents to monitor the storm’s progress.

Source: ARRL Website

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