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Geratoler Silent Keys

I am happy to report that there are NO Geratoler Silent Keys. Dave KJ8V

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“CQ Students” From Space Station


The deadline is April 30 for US schools, museums, science centers, and community youth organizations (working individually or together) to submit proposals to host an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with an orbiting crew member on the International Space Station (ISS). Contacts would be scheduled between January 1 and June 30, 2019.

Each year, ARISS provides tens of thousands of students with opportunities to learn about space technologies and communications through Amateur Radio. The program provides learning opportunities by connecting students to astronauts aboard the ISS through a partnership between ARRL, AMSAT, and NASA, as well as other Amateur Radio organizations and worldwide space agencies. The program’s goal is to inspire students to pursue interests and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and Amateur Radio.

“Educators overwhelmingly report that student participation in the ARISS program stimulates interest in STEM subjects and in STEM careers,” ARISS said in announcing the contact opportunities. “As one educator wrote, ‘It exceeded our expectations — it created a great interest in both Amateur Radio and in space exploration. Our kids are completely inspired!’”

More than 90% of educators who have participated in the program have indicated that ARISS provided ideas for encouraging student exploration and participation. Some of them even become radio amateurs after experiencing a contact with an ISS crew member.

ARISS is looking for organizations that will draw large numbers of participants and integrate the contact into a well-developed, exciting education plan. Students can learn about satellite communications, wireless technology, science research conducted on the ISS, radio science, and any related STEM subject. Students learn to use Amateur Radio to talk directly to an astronaut and ask their STEM-related questions. ARISS will help educational organizations locate Amateur Radio groups who can assist with equipment for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students.

Proposal webinars for guidance and getting questions answers will be offered on Thursday, March 29, at 7 PM EDT (0000 UTC on Friday, March 30) and on Monday, April 16, at 4 PM EDT (2100 UTC). Advance registration is required. More details, such as expectations, proposal guidelines, and the proposal form, are on the ARISS website. — Thanks to ARISS via Dave Jordan, AA4KN

Source: ARRL Ham Radio News

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Very sad to report that we have lost two Geratolers. Barry K2MF got a post from Joyce WB9NUL that George K5JF # 615 TX passed away. Also I received and email from Ray N2RB that Marty # 792 in FL. passed away yesterday from a heart attack. RIP Guys you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Featured GERATOL Member WS8X

Featured Member

Those who frequent the net, are familiar with Joe, WS8X.   Joe is one of two Loverti’s on the net, the other of course Joe Sr. WW8X from Ohio.

Joe serves as our Saturday evening Net Control station. Saturday evenings are often one of the busiest on the net, even during these days of rough conditions, and Joe does a great job handling all the check-ins and keeping the net moving along efficiently, with a touch of humor as well.

For those wondering how Joe puts out such a strong signal from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, his current station consists of a 40/80 Meter Parallel dipole. He also sports a Multi band doublet. His current rigs are an ICOM 751A and an ICOM 7300 along with a Drake L7 amp.

Joe and his sidekick at his Ham Shack

Joe was first licensed in 2001 with the call KC8RNF. His first station was comprised of an ICOM 745, MFJ Versa Tuner, which he loaded into a G5RV antenna. Joe was fortunate in his selection of Elmer’s to get him started, namely his Dad, Joe – WW8X. Like many of us, Joe has his WAL, or Worked All Licenses, going from Novice, all the way up to Extra Class. In addition to WW8X, Joe has three uncles who are also Ham Radio Operators.

Joe recalls his first DX QSO was with a station in Western Europe. Funny, how we keep those type of events in our Ham Radio memory banks. Our first QSO, first DX contact, first CW QSO, etc. Fun stuff.
Joe achieved his WAS via the GERATOL net, achieving G # 2607 in 2011. He later added his Director’s number 737 to his GERATOL achievements.

Those of us who are regular check-ins to the net, know that Joe is Active Duty Coast Guard (Thank you for your service Joe), where as a Radioman, he handled numerous Search and Rescue cases. I bet some of those would make great stories to hear more about if any of us have a chance for an eyeball with Joe. He’s been in the Coast Guard since 1999.

Feel free to comment on this post about Joe – WS8X, on our website, or fire him off a note, and thank him for his service to our country and his support of the GERATOL Net.

Kevin N1KL

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SK Ccorrection

Tom G # 1561 call sign is N0KW not K0KW as reported. Thanks Chuck W2RK for the heads up. Dave KJ8V

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Sad to report 2 Geratoler silent Keys in the March QST.
W3GH Bob # 19 PA (previously reported) and K0KW Tom #1561 MN. RIP Guys you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Nephews call sign correctio

My nephew Dan’s call sign is KE9Y not KE9T. I must have fat fingered it when I put it in. Sorry Dan. Dave KJ8V

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Featured GERATOL Members


Dave Ertel, KJ8V – GERATOL Net Awards Manager
Sandy Ertel, KJ8W – GERATOL Net Treasurer

Dave was first Licensed in 1977 as a Novice: WD8QME. He upgraded to Technician, General, Advanced and finally to Extra in 1979. When he went through the licensing the FCC came to Cincinnati every 6 months and the official who managed those taking the code portion of the exam, made them send code before they were allowed to take the code copying test. Of course then you had to wait 6 months to take the next license level test.

Dave’s first radio was a Heath Kit HW-16 that he built from one of their kits. He then bought a Kenwood TS 520 and has owned many Kenwood radios since. Today he operates a Kenwood TS 590S into a Drake L-4B amp. In addition, he also runs a Kenwood TS 480 in the truck mobile. Many of us have had the pleasure of working both Dave and Sandy as they went mobile, visiting family, or on their way to the Dayton Hamvention. Dave says, the hottest and best radio he ever had was a Kenwood TS 50S. Very hot receiver in it. He and Sandy have had various antennas up in the air, ranging from stacked 11 element  2 meter beams, tri-banders at 60 feet and now have a vertical and two inverted V’s at their QTH in Michigan.

Dave has worked all Counties # 940 11/11/97, worked all states on 10, 20, 40 and 80 meters, WAC Feb, 1992, has 100 DX Countries confirmed and have never sent them in for official confirmation. Dave’s GERATOL number is a really low one: # 523, which he obtained on 4/1/81. As is the case with several GERATOLers, who operated from various states, Dave has a second GERATOL number: 2595, which he obtained on 12/24/10. Similarly, Dave has two Director numbers # 89, issued on 3/14/92 and number # 703 which was issued on 1/15/11. Dave has also completed 24 of the 38 available GERATOL Net endorsements.

In 1996 his Amateur activity really changed for the better. He was going out to run Counties mobile over in South East Ohio one day and said to Sandy, “Why don’t you come along its really pretty over there and you can log for me?” He was shocked when she said OK. While they were out he told her if she would just get her General class license so she could give out and work counties, and that he would not bug her anymore about it. She replied that it was really fun listening and logging and she said OK I will try to get my license.

Well she got started and Dave learned how to run the carpet sweeper, the washer/dryer and do the dishes so she could learn/practice code. She attended a Novice/Tech class put on by the Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association and got her Novice ticket as KC8FFD in June of 1997. She was then named Amateur of the Year by the GCARA in October of 1997 for her work promoting the GCARA and its classes. She then took her Tech license and passed it and then started in on her General Class license. Back to the dishes and sweeper for Dave. Sandy went over to take her General code and written test and asked if she could listen to the Extra 20 WPM to get warmed up and settle her nerves down a little bit and they said sure try it and see how you do.

Well Gordon KI8I, who also happens to be a fellow GERATOLer, with G# 521, came out to the parking lot where Dave was pacing like a cat in a cage and said Sandy passed her code test, as a matter of fact, he said, she passed the 20 WPM Extra code test !!!! Well she passed the General written and when she came out Dave mentioned they were only 5 blocks from R & L Electronics and they should stop by and get the Advanced book so Sandy could start on it because she had a year’s code credit and when she passed the Advance class, she could then get her Extra.

She hesitated for a minute and then said OK lets go. Not too long later she passed the Advance class and started right in on the Extra and she passed that test also. She and Dave kept all of the Advance and Extra stuff a secret from her brother Vernon, yet another fellow GERATOLer, K9CMJ G# 1984 to surprise him. He was really kind of in disbelief when they broke the news to him, that his sister had passed code and written tests to become an Extra Class op !! Sandy was now on her way to her own Ham career and enjoys it very much.

She changed her call because KJ8W was available and she and Dave thought it would be neat to have back to back calls, and they were right. It’s cool to hear them check in, with the back to back calls, but we ALL know, Sandy’s signal is always stronger than Dave’s !! ha ha

Dave had saved a County in Ohio for a last for the whole ball of wax so Sandy could get it for him and bless her heart she drove for two hours up north in Ohio and gave him his last County for his Worked All Counties. Sandy only needs about 600 Counties to finish her worked all counties. Sandy achieved her G# 2594 on 12/24/10. When they moved to Michigan from Ohio in 2008 Sandy had 30 states confirmed but had to start all over because of the move. That’s when Dave decided to get a second number due to the move to Michigan.

Sandy does come from a family of Hams. Her Father W8KKJ, brother K9CMJ #1984, Nephews Dan KE9T and his son Bryce KC9PKU and Mike AB9LU #2612 and Mike’s wife Christine KC9IRP. With Dave included there are 8 Hams in the family and 5 Geratol numbers. That’s probably a record for the GERATOL Net !!

The Geratol Net, County Hunting and the Triple H Net are the places Dave frequents the most. Dave had actually been very active on the Geratol Net since early 1980 just having fun with his friends, and not going for a number.  That changed, and he finally got the bug to get his own number in 1981. He’s been an active member, contributor and supporter of the net ever since.

The worst time of Dave’s Ham life was when his very dear friend Lou KJ8U G# 617 passed away. Lou and Dave had done everything Ham together. He cherishes a picture of himself, Lou and Sandy standing next to their cars with all the Ham plates KJ8U, KJ8V and KJ8W showing, as they all lived in the same town.

Dave has held several positions in the GERATOL Net over the years, however, the most rewarding and fun has been as Awards Manager. He loves being able to help out all of the GERATOLers get their various awards and endorsements. He made a pledge to himself after taking over as Awards Manger to help all he could and to process awards and endorsements, usually the same day. If any of you ever need help or have questions please feel free to call Dave or send him an email and he will answer you as soon as possible usually the same day. Many of the net regulars may be aware, but many casual GERATOLers are not, that Dave inherited a huge challenge when he assumed the duties of Awards Manager. He’s done an amazing job organizing, straightening out the data base, updating the files, etc. etc. all behind the scenes, in addition to his handing out the new awards and endorsements.

Dave says, the thing he and Sandy love the most in Ham Radio is meeting fellow hams. They missed Dayton (xenia) last year and that was the first time in over 20 years they were unable to attend. They do attend all of the County Hunter functions they possibly can, and he says it really enriches their lives to meet old friends and make new friends. He says, “Hams are just special people”.

On the non-HAM front, Sandy and Dave have had Beagles for 43 years. They have hunted and field trialed them and it is very lonely around the house now, without one of the little Beagles around. They lost their last one a couple of years ago and have decided no more. Dave also collects Case knives. He has over 80 in his collection is still growing. He is fortunate to have several very rare knives and has also got his Granddaughter into collecting knives. He’s made sure that she has other interests other than computers and smart phones. She had her own Beagle dog that hunted and ran in field trials. She also loves to go shooting with Grandpa. She has graduated from high school now and is going to move in with Sandy and I to establish residency and attend Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Mi. starting next fall. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a new ham on the net in the future, and yet another GERATOL number from the KJ8 clan !!

Congrats to Sandy on her recent re-election as the GERATOL Net Treasurer, and thanks to both Dave and Sandy for their efforts supporting the net over the years, and a special thanks to Dave for his efforts in coordinating and issuing the GERATOL Awards, Endorsements and special Awards like the 50/50 and Veteran’s Salute awards.
Feel free to add a “Comment” to this POST, and say hi to Sandy and Dave !!!

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Extra Class Formatted Call Signs

For those of you working on the Basic Award the “W” 2×2 call signs are not valid for the Basic Award. The “W” 2×2 call signs are Advance Class call signs and will not be accepted for the Basic Award. So PLEASE do not work these formatted Call Signs for you Basic Award as they will not be accepted.
Thank you Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Once again I am asking (begging) for help updating and correcting the Geratol Net Awards & Endorsements listings. As you may or not know most of the award information was lost several years back. I have been trying to get information to get all the award and endorsement information as accurate as possible.

If you have any Award or Endorsement that you achieved after December of 1993 through 2011 and can locate the certificates could you PLEASE send me via email the DATE ISSUED and NUMBER of the awards or endorsements that you have. If you do not have the Award or Endorsement but know the date issued and number send it in.

We do have a list of all the Geratol Numbers issued but no dates issued, dates, names for a lot of them. This info is really handy if someone wants a new Certificate because theirs was lost or destroyed etc. The endorsements are a mess but not as bad as when I took over thanks to old records that I had and input from members. It is really important for the endorsements because they are serialized and I would like to get those numbers and dates to make sure that I or anyone else does not issue duplicate numbers.

Thanks a million in advance.

Dave KJ8V

Awards Manager

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