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GNEC What is it ?

What is GNEC you say ?

It’s an awesome tool for keeping track of your progress toward completing several awards, such as the Board, Gold Board, Platinum and Net 500 awards to name a few. The program was created and developed by our Chairman, W0FP – Frosty. I never did ask Frosty what GNEC stands for, but perhaps he can reply to this POST and let us know. My guess would be “GERATOL Net Endorsement Compilation” ha ha Maybe someone else can take a guess as well.

The program must be used in conjunction with WinEqf logging software. You need to log your QSO’s made on the net, or in Extra Class SSB portion of 80M into WinEqf to have the GNEC program functional. Both WinEqf and GNEC are available as downloads off the GERATOL Website.

In addition to tracking award progress, you may use GNEC for keeping tabs on your progress toward completing the 38 challenging Endorsements offered by the net.

Below is a screen shot of a typical GNEC “Front Page” which gives you a glimpse of the Endorsements completed in RED. The Endorsements in ORANGE mean that only ONE appropriate contact is needed for completing that particular Endorsement, and the YELLOW reflects the need that TWO more appropriate contacts are necessary. GREEN buttons reflect multiple appropriate QSO’s are needed for completion.

GNEC Reflecting Endorsement Status

When you click on one of the Endorsement buttons, such as Endorsement #2 in YELLOW above, where you must contact stations in the lower 48 states with “N” one by two call signs, you see the screen shot below:

As is obvious, this operator needs to work two more stations with “N” 1×2 call signs, one from Idaho and one from Oregon to complete this Endorsement. Another nice feature of GNEC is the ability to print out these various reports, so you know exactly which call signs you need, as they check in every evening.

While there are numerous other great features associated with GNEC, two I will mention are at the bottom of the Front Page. Those are the “Update GERATOL Numbers” button and the “Update Director Numbers” button. Hitting those gives you a running total of the numbers you have worked, and more importantly, those you still need.

If you have not already done so, give GNEC a try. It’s a fun and very effective way to track your Award and Endorsement progress on the GERATOL net.

Of course, you may find both the GNEC program, and WinEqf available on the tool bar at the top of the GERATOL home page. Simply go to “Files” then “Additional Aids and Forms for the GERATOL Net” Once you click on that, the files may be found and downloaded off that page. Good luck.

73 Kevin N1KL

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Featured Member Harv, AA4HF

Our Featured member this month, is none other than one of our longest standing GERATOL members and most experienced Net Control Operators; Harv – AA4HF, GERATOL # 329. 

We all know Harv by his distinctive operating style, which is a reflection of his status as a true Southern Gentleman.  Whether greeting a mere handful of check-ins, or dealing with a work list a mile long, Harv’s professional demeanor and calm approach is a reflection of the experience the GERATOL NCS stations like AA4HF bring to the net each evening.
Harv first assumed the NCS reins as a substitute net controller on the GERATOL Net, back in the early eighties. Following that, he served as a regular NCS in the mid eighties, starting on Monday nights, then moving to the Tuesday evening early net.  Yes, we used to have an “early” net and a “late” net, when conditions were much better. 

Harv was first licensed in 1958 as KN4YPT.  Many of the “old timers” recall the “N” in the prefixes, which were often part of our first call signs, as Novice operators.  Some “N” calls remain, but most 2×3 “N” calls are a thing of the past.  Harv is one of the (W.A.L.) or Worked All Licenses gang, going from Novice all the way to Extra Class. 

As is the case with many early Ham Radio enthusiasts from the 50’s and 60’s, Harv’s first Ham Station consisted of a separate Transmitter and Receiver.  In his case, his first station consisted of a homebrew single 6L6 15 Watt CW transmitter, in tandem with an Allied Ocean Hopper regenerative receiver. 

Remember the “selectivity” on that type of vintage receiver?  Amazing we still made QSO’s using receivers like the Ocean Hopper or the National NC-60 Special or even the Lafayette HA-63, to name a few, but we did.   His antenna was a long wire double dipole 80 over 40, but also loaded up on 15 as well.   Also, like many of us, he had an Elmer who lived nearby. In his case it was Bob, W4ORH.  It was, and is to this day, the Elmers who keep Ham Radio alive, and who play a huge part in keeping young folks interested in our hobby. 

Example of an “Ocean Hopper” Receiver

As often is the case, “life” got in the way of Hamming for Harv, and due to the fact back in the period he was first licensed, “proof of operating time” was a requirement for renewing your ham license. Unfortunately since he was unable to get on the air while  he was in college (University of Tennessee at Martin) in order to fulfill the “on the air time” required, he could not renew his license.  Regardless, we still view Harv as one of our “50” Years as a HAM gentlemen. His interest in Ham Radio never died however, and in the early seventies he once again became a Novice operator. Realizing Novice privileges were not going to suffice, he quickly upgraded to Advanced and Extra the following year. 

Harv, AA4HF Station Today – a long way from his first station !!

Harv completed his first Worked All States in 1958.  At that time, only 48 states were required, since HI and AK did not enter the union officially until 1959 !!  Imagine that !!  How many others got their first Worked All States only using 48 states ? 

Leave a “Comment” on this POST and let us know… If you need help on how to place a “Comment” just send me a note via email to n1kl @

His first DX QSO was with a German station, DL1IB, which took place on March 3, 1959.  He received his GERATOL # 329 directly from the ARRL in 1979.   In addition to his GERATOL # 329 and Director’s # 37, Harv is also a recipient of the GERATOL Hall of Fame Award, the 25th Anniversary Award as well as the very seldom given, GERATOL Phoenix Award. The Phoenix Award is something only four other members, in addition to himself have achieved. 

AA4HF – Harv’s Mix of New and Old Ham Gear

Other Ham Radio related activites for Harv included some public service work, handling health and welfare traffic during weather related events. In addition, he operated via the Military Affiliated Radio Services (MARS) conducting phone patches, voice and digital traffic for over 40 years. 

Outside of Amateur Radio, Harv’s interest include music, hunting, fishing and motorcycles in his younger days.  He served as a Manager of Engineering and as an Inormation Technology Director. He has also taught programming languages at the local community college at night for several years. He’s been retired now for 17 years, but does operate a computer systems and a network support business, which he says is just enough to keep him off the streets and out of the poolroom !!  Hi Hi

Congrats to Harv on his distinguished Ham Radio career, and thanks to him for his dedication to the GERATOL net over the years, and as our longest standing Net Control Operator on the net. Feel free to post a comment, expressing your thoughts about Harv’s Featured Member article. My thanks to Harv for providing me with the information necessary to complete this POST.

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GERATOL Apparel Reminder

Just a reminder, for those looking for a last minute Christmas gift, or to get ready to sport your own GERATOL logo apparel at the upcoming Ham Radio Flea Markets this Spring, the arrangement George put in place with the vendor remains, and the “link” may be found at any time on our web page under the “Files” section of the upper menu, or just click on the link below.

What a great way to publicize our Worked All States net at your next Ham Radio Club meeting, Ham Flea Market or any Ham Radio event. When folks approach you and ask you what the heck a GERATOL is, you can explain the net workings, and invite them up.

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50/50 Award Update

The 50/50 Award, which combines the challenge of working all 50 states with contacting 50 hams who have been licensed for 50 years or more, has been successfully completed by several net members.

The award, which maintains the tradition of the GERATOL net, by requiring to Work All States as one if its elements, provides a fun challenge for those who already received their GERATOL number, along with the extra challenge of working operators who have been licensed for 50 years or more.

Quite the challenge indeed, now in it’s second GERATOL Season.  As challenging as the award may be, especially with current band conditions, FIVE GERATOLers have successfully completed the challenge.   In addition to providing fun challenge for our regulars, the award has had some positive side effects on the net including:

  • The chance to reconnect with some of our “Old Timers” who were invited up on frequency
  • Getting introduced to some “new” Old Timers, that is, guys with 50 years of licensing who never checked in previously to GERATOL
  • Finally and perhaps most important, invitees brought to the net by those chasing the award, provided several NEW STATES for the guys working toward their basic award.

For those close to completing the award, we wish you continued success and hope the conditions continue to improve as you finalize your efforts.

For those of you who may not have checked in for a while, and who are looking for a challenge on the net, along with renewing old acquaintances and putting your state in the log for those folks working on the basic, stop by the net some evening, and also take a look at the details surrounding the award on our website.

To those who have successfully completed the award,  CONGRATS !!


WV1Y – Ken

WW8X – Joe

N9RY – Don

W0FP – Frosty

KJ8V – Dave



Regards, Kevin N1KL


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Minutes of GERATOL Board Meeting


1. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 0050Z on 31 Oct 2018. Present at the meeting were: W0FP, AI4IL, AA0ZP, KE9TC, KJ8V, KJ8W, and N1KL. A quorum was in attendance.

2. The purpose of the meeting was to consider two possible new items. The first was a motion to approve a new award “5 STAR AWARD” for working 2500 Geratol numbers. The second was to approve putting a link to a Geratol T-Shirt/Sweat Shirt site on the Geratol web site.

3. Following some discussion of the items, KJ8V moved to approve the new award. The motion was seconded and approved by a unanimous vote. The award has an effective date of 0100, 31 Oct 2018.

4. KJ8V then made a motion to accept placing a link to the T-Shirt/Sweat Shirt site on the Geratol web site. This motion was seconded and also approved by a unanimous vote.

5. KE9TC then moved to adjourn the meeting.

6. The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 0057UTC, 31 October 2018.

Respectfully Submitted


Secretary, GERATOL NET

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New GLIST File Available

A newly updated GLIST from W0FP  is now available in the FILES section of the GERATOL Website.

It is dated 12/1/17

Regards, N1KL

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