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AC9GK Shack

I was having problems through out this year on my transmit and could not figure out what it was. We thought we had the issue solve by tracing a loose connection inside the lighting arrestors. Then the problem reared it ugly head again. It is very intermittent. The guy who helps me with my maintenance on my gear can not get to it until midweek. We are going to do some more testing and I will be off the air until we are in testing mode or it is fixed.

If anyone needs Indiana please be patient with me or send me an email and I will let you when I am back on the air.

Steve AC9GK

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Happy to report that there were no Geratoler Silent keys listed in the November QST. Dave KJ8V

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GERATOL Website Update

We wanted to provide our fellow GERATOLers a brief update on where we stand with activity on our GERATOL Website, as well as some information on how to better take advantage of the site for those who have registered.

First and foremost, a hearty THANK YOU to all who have taken time to register on the site. We currently have over 170 registered members. We continue to get new registrations, and in addition, we are fortunate to have non-registered members, using the site for “read only” purposes, to learn more about our net. This activity typically picks up just prior to the net start up, and as we publicize the net via QRZ, eHAM, etc.

Geratol Net Logo
GERATOL Worked All States Net

For those who have not yet registered, I would like to remind you, we remain pretty strict about providing privileges to those who register. While confirming you “are not a robot” may seem tedious upon registering, it is a means to keep our site free of hackers, spammers and whatever. So when you do register, simply follow the instructions under the “REGISTER” section of the META FILE area, located at the bottom right of the opening page.

For those who have already registered, there is a nice tutorial on the site, explaining how to add posts, make comments, etc. It’s located under the HELP button, at the top of the opening page. Simply click on HELP, then on “Help for New Accounts” and it will display the tutorial.

Regarding your registration: there are two categories of privileges we assign to all our registrants: 1.) Subscriber – This category provides you with basic privileges on our site. 2.) Contributor – This category allows you to create your own POSTS as well as make COMMENTS to POSTS on the site. POSTS and COMMENTS are subject to approval by the site Administrator and/or Webmaster. This is done to insure non-volatile messages are posted.

The distinction between Subscriber and Contributor, as mentioned in previous updates, resides in how you register. If part of your registration includes your call sign, and we can confirm it on QRZ, you are granted Contributor status. If you register without a call sign, but use a name and/or email we can confirm on QRZ, again you are granted Contributor status. If we are unable to find or confirm a call sign for you, via your registration data, we grant only Subscriber status. Again, this is all done as part of our efforts to keep the site safe. If you wish to move from Subscriber to Contributor, simply send me an e-mail with your call sign, and the email used when you registered, and I will upgrade your status immediately upon confirmation.

We have had registrations which reflect “suspect” email accounts, etc. and those are automatically deleted. Again, this is a precaution we take to keep our site secure.

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions for Website topics, POSTS of interest, etc., please feel free to send me an email, and I will get in touch with you.

Regards, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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Congratulations Dennis VE3BF

Congratulations Dennis VE3BF on your new Geratol number 2675 and also your new Worked Canada Award number 29. I know you worked really hard for your new Geratol number. Dave KJ8V

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New Geratol number

I issued Geratol number 2675 today and also Worked All Canada number 29. Don’t know it the recipient will be on tonight or not as I can not get a hold of the recipient. Dave KJ8V

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New Season Under Way

The Summer of 2019 is in our rear view mirror !!

The 2019/2020 GERATOL Season has begun !!    It began on Oct 1, 0100 UTC, and continues each and every evening at 0100Z on 3.668 (+/- QRM).

Last season we were fortunate to have several new “regulars” begin working on their basic award, and of course, we enjoyed the company of many of our old friends over the entire season. A thanks to all active members who took the time to invite our long time members on frequency, as well as a thanks to those who took them up on the invitations and joined us for some fun during the season.

Come Join The Fun

We also had a few more folks successfully complete their 50/50 Award, where they were able to work all 50 states, and in addition, were able to contact 50 Operators who had been licensed continuously for 50 years.  Congratulations to all who have completed that challenging award, and good luck to those still in the hunt, perhaps the 2019/2020 season will be the year you finish up !!

Most of all, continued good fortune and good hunting to our newest attendees working toward that elusive Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, or better known as the basic award.

Image result for Dynamite Clip Art Free

Let’s make this a real Dynamite Season !   Take a few minutes to check in, say hi, renew old acquaintances and give out some contacts to the new guys looking for those last few states.

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A Reminder AS The Net Starts About Awards

Effective January 25th 2020 and going forward DO NOT send me any applications for awards/endorsements. If you complete any awards/endorsement after the above date either send me an email at or call me on my cell phone 231-794-9929 for instructions on how and where to send any applications for awards/endorsements to me. DO NOT mail any applications to me without talking to me first as there will be an address change. All applications will be handled promptly the same as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience. Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Sad Email from VY1JA

I received an email forwarded to me today From Jay VY1JA YT # 2009. Jay was always willing to help anyone that needed the Yukon Territory and readily gave out his number. Jay was also an initial call. I am pasting his email here on the Net Web Site as many will want to read it.

I am a long time member of the Geritol group, have been diagnosed two
weeks ago with Alzheimer’s and while I am still capable of doing so, am
dismantling my VY1JA station, selling off everything to make things
easier for my wife to handle.   VY1JA is permanently QRT.

Please pass my 73  and QRT for health reasons, to everyone who remembers
VY1JA on the net, and if you would, please drop my name/call from any
future Geritol Net emails.

Thank you for your kindness in this.


It is truly very sad indeed to hear this from Jay. My heart goes out to Jay as i know many others will feel the same way after reading this. Jay I will send you and email when I get back later this week from South Bend. May God bless you. Dave KJ8V

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Geratoler Silent Key

Sorry to have to report that Bill K3DC FL # 250 was reported as a Silent Key in the October QST. RIP Bill you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Geratoler Silent Key

Barry K2MF reported that Al K9FZ WI # 2316 is a Silent Key. RIP Al you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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