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Another Geratol Season

The Geratol Net has begun it’s 2013 season and will be operating nightly, conditions permitting. Many thanks to all the net controls who keep this going. I understand there are still quite a few slots where NCS are needed, so if you can, please volunteer to help out.

I hope to get on occasionally. Right now, the driven element from my triband beam is laying across my 80m dipole. The U-bolt that attached it to the boom must have snapped in some high winds this spring and it fell off. It’s been laying there, on my roof ever since. I was hoping it might roll off, but maybe it’s best it didn’t because it probably would break it.

Anyway, there is still plenty of good weather and I plan on getting out to do some antenna work. At the very least, I’ll get the element off the dipole and get that hoisted back up where it belongs. I should be able to get the beam fixed as well in time for the NYQP.

Hope to hear you all on the net soon!

Al, AE2T, Webmeister

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A message from the Awards Manager

Dave sent this out on the Yahoo Group and I thought it was such essential information to the net, I’m reposting it here…

First and foremost, if you hear Jess or Patti on the air be sure and thank them or maybe even send them an email thanking them for all they did for the Net.

The awards are already to go. Frosty worked really hard and came up with a way to create the rectangular endorsement stickers so no more round ones. If you would like a rectangular sticker replacement for one of the round endorsement stickers just send the round one to me with an SASE and I will send you one of the rectangular stickers to replace it. Please thank Frosty for what he has done for the Net. Read more…

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