The Geratol Net

75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


Please DO NOT send any more donations for the Geratol Net Website

Today I received donations from Ken WV1Y for $100.00, Frosty W0FP $20.00, Ed KE2Q $25.00 and Don N9R $20.00.. These donations will be returned tomorrow in the Mail. Any further donations received will be returned the next day also. When it was decided to help with expenses for the Website I ask and was told it was around $60.00 a quarter. Now it has been posted that was not the amount. So as I said any donations received will be returned the Next day. As of this writing Sandy and I will NO LONGER handle any monies associated with the Website. Someone else can pick it up and run with it. We are finished.
Very Best 73
Dave KJ8V

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