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New Award

I’ve been very busy, but want to get at least something up here about the new Veterans Salute Award. This is the email I got about it from Dave… I’ll do it up properly on the site soon.



You must contact one each U.S. Veteran or Active Duty service member i.e. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard in each of the contiguous 48 states. 240 contacts are required for this award. No QSL cards required. Award is an ongoing award with no ending date. You do not need to have a Geratol number to work towards this award. No Geratol numbers are required from the station contacted. Typical log style information is required such as; Call sign, Name, Date, State, Time, Signal Report and branch of service of stations contacted. Frequency must be to four digits. Award is effective  01:00 UTC 1-5-2015.

To apply for this award, send a check for $10.00 made out to our Awards Manager, KJ8V-Dave Ertel, along with the appropriate log information to receive the award,

If you would like a to see the Certificate send me an email and I will email a copy of it back to you. I have sent Al  AE2T our web master all the info so it should show up on the Net web page shortly. The award is affective 01:00 UTC 1-5-15.  Have fun with it. Dave KJ8V

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  1. AE2T says:

    As explaination, my son received a double-lung transplant on December 17th and I have been back and forth to NYC a couple of times for that reason. He is now home and things are beginning to return to normal. Additionally, it’s a very busy time for my work with FIRST Robotics and that is a daily demand on my time.