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20/20 Club Award

This new award was added by the Board on November 5, 2014 and is effective immediately.



The Geratol Net Board has approved a new award. The award is the 20/20 Club Award. The start date of this award is 11/6/14 at 01:00 UTC and it runs until 01:00 UTC 5/1/15. To achieve this award you must work 20 Club Stations with a valid Geratol number and 20 Stations working towards their Basic Award. A station working for their Basic Award can collect the Geratol numbers for the club stations, however, those Geratol numbers collected by a station working on the Basic Award are only good for this award. You must submit two (2) logs in standard log format, one for the Club Stations worked and one for the Basic stations worked to the Awards Manager KJ8V. Upon satisfactory completion you will be issued a serialized certificate. The cost of this award is $5.00. Make checks payable to Dave Ertel.

NOTE: If a station has more than one valid club that they are allowed to use all club Geratol numbers may be used, however, those club stations must be worked according to Net operating guidelines.

For any questions please contact the Awards Manager KJ8V

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