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Sorry to have to report that there were five Geratoler Silent Keys listed in the June QST. NN4G Randy KY #618, Ky4H John AL #591, Wk5K Miles TX #1508, NN0L Ron IA #1088 and W0RY Bob CO #345. RIP Guys you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Tools for tracking progress toward BASIC Award, as well as forms to submit your application

A reminder to those chasing the BASIC AWARD, or the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, as well as all the GERATOL Endorsements, there are several tools available on the website for tracking your state totals and endorsements, as well as blank copies of the Award Application form.

One of the tools available is the Excel spreadsheet, which allows you to enter a state as you work it, by putting in the word “YES” in the Worked Column, along with the station call sign worked, in the “CALL” section. The spreadsheet then automatically calculates your totals. This can serve as a “quick check” for those working on their basic. Below is an example of the spreadsheet, before any contacts are entered:

Once you begin making contacts, simply put a YES in the state worked, along with the call sign of the station you worked: See below example:

By putting the word YES in worked column, and adding the station worked, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the number of states you worked, and how many you still need to work. As the example shows, two states were worked and op needs 48 more.

Of course, once you have worked, logged and obtained QSL cards toward your basic, you must submit the application form and proof of QSL to our awards manager, Dave – KJ8V. Below is an example of the form:

Form may be downloaded off our website

Tools for tracking your GERATOL Endorsements

(Just a reminder, to use GNEC, you MUST first download WinEQF logging software, and log your GERATOL QSO’s with WinEQF.)

As a reminder to those returning to the net, and the GERATOL Website, but especially for new folks joining the net, the GERATOL website was not designed to track your individual endorsements and awards.   The site does however, provide links to files in the menu bar, which allow you to download and begin using for your individual tracking purposes. 

For example, using GNEC with the logging files from WinEqf affords a very useful tool for tracking the progress of your individual endorsements.  Below is a typical screen shot of how progress is tracked using Frosty’s GNEC program in conjunction with WinEqf for endorsement status. 

The green color button denotes you are greater than three requirements from being completed.  Yellow only two requirements short and the orange color reflects you only need one more requirement to complete the award and maroon reflects completion.   Here are some examples of the various buttons:

GREEN BUTTON Example: Endorsement #24 requires one to work all 50 with “K” 2×2 Call signs. In this case the op has 14 left to work

Example of progress toward Endorsement # 24

YELLOW BUTTON example: Endorsement #2 requires one to work all fifty states with “N” 1×2 Call signs. In this example, the op needs two more to complete the endorsement. (See below example)

Two more needed to complete Endorsement # 2

ORANGE BUTTON example:  Endorsement #15, you must work all fifty states with “W” 2×1 calls.

In this example, the op needs only to work the state of HI with a “W” 2×1 call.

Only 1 more needed to complete Endorsement # 15

Another neat feature of GNEC, is the ability for you to print your progress reports for each of the endorsements you are tracking.  As the example above points out, simply hit the PRINT button, after running your status check, and voila.  A nice printed summary of where you stand, which states you need. 

Yet another great tool made available by W0FP, is the GLIST program.   As with GNEC, the GLIST is available on our website, by simply downloading the latest version.   There are detailed instructions on the site, where the files are located, on how to set these tools up. 

Example of a GLIST report, using N1KL Call Sign

As you can see it reflects the GERATOL number, call sign, name, D #, along with other pertinent information endorsement seekers may be looking to obtain.  You not only can sort it by GERATOL number, but by “D” number, Call sign, etc.   See below example:   


Just a reminder, the use of GNEC begins with downloading and using the logging software, WinEqf.   That software is also available on the website for you to download and begin using.  The key is to get your logging software as up to date as possible.  This will insure maximizing the uses of GNEC and GLIST

To do this, if you have not been using WinEqf to log your GERATOL contacts, you may need to import those from whatever logging software you are currently using, or input them manually into WinEqf.  Either way, it’s well worth the effort, for tracking progress against your GERATOL endorsements.

All the files in question, WinEqf, GNEC and GLIST, Basic Tracking Spreadsheet, may be found on our website by opening the website, looking at the main menu bar at the top of the site, and clicking on where it says “Files”   See below:

Click on FILES to get all the goodies referenced

Once you have clicked on the “FILES” section, shown above. The dropdown menu then shown will list three items, including:  Additional Aids and Forms for the GERATOL Net

Click on Additional Aids and Forms for the GERATOL Net and you will see the following shown below:

Begin by downloading the Win-EQF software.  Set up the software as directed, and begin logging your GERATOL QSO’s.   You can then download GNEC, following the instructions put out by Frosty, W0FP and begin updating GNEC, once you have contacts logged into WinEQF.

Below is a typical WinEqf log page, once properly set up and in use:

Also, remember you need to “marry” your WinEqf logging software to GNEC.  Simply follow the instructions set out by Frosty, W0FP when attempting to do this. Those are found under the instructions, when you download GNEC

Regarding other awards, such as Vet Salute, Director’s Award, 50/50, etc.  There are instructions on the site under the AWARD portion of the menu bar, for how to track and submit your QSO’s for those awards.   Have fun, and good hunting.   Kevin – N1KL

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George Tomlinson AA4GT G#2533 D#633 Silent Key

I am sorry to report that George Tomlinson AA4GT G#2533 D#633 became a silent key from complications due to COVID-19 on April 9, 2020, as reported by KN4SWS to N4CD and posted in the County Hunter Web Forum at this link:

George was a very active Geratoler as was his wife Mary NV4Z G#885 D#86 whom he married on September 2, 2000 and who predeceased him on July 21, 2018. He was also a very active county hunter and was 86 years old.

We will all miss George. Please stay home and stay safe during this pandemic!

73, Barry K2MF G#325 D#739

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Congratulations Dan K2DJL on your new Directors Number 787 issued 4/9/2020. I know you worked hard for it so now sit back and enjoy it. A job very well done. Dave KJ8V

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I issued Directors Number 787 today 4/9/2020. Recipient has been notified and should be on the net tonight.

Dave KJ8V

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Happy to report that there were NO Geratoler Silent Keys listed in the May QST. Dave KJ8V

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I have received dates from 10 folks already so keep them coming. It has filled a lot of blanks. This may seem trivial, however, there is a real use for this exercise. I receive requests from members asking for replacement certificates due to many things. Folks lose them during moving, fires, etc or just plain misplaced. Sandy and I have our own policy about this. We replace them free of charge to those who can’t find their certificates for what ever reason and put the funds in the G Net treasury for them out of our pocket. We remember how hard it was to work for them and how proud we are of them and if we can help someone out all the better.

The rub comes in when there is not an issue date for certificates. When this happens I can try to figure it out from dates I do have and or work it out with the station requesting a replacement. It’s amazing how some will all of a sudden remember the dates when I start taking to them about it. I then look and see if it is close according to what I do have and it usually fits. One other thing that I have seen and heard happen is that someone requesting a replacement will actually show up on the Net again.

Anyway, it may seem trivial to some, that is until they lose their certificates and then it hurts. Please keep sending me the info as it really helps out and someday I can turn over more accurate info to the next Awards Manager.

THANKS in advance for your help and understanding Dave KJ8V

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If you have a Geratol Number and a Directors Number that was issued between 2000 and 2019 please send me an email and let me know the issue dates.

I am again trying to get records up to date as this was not kept up to date in the past and many are missing.

Your number/numbers are on your certificates. My email address is Thanks in advance for your help.

Dave KJ8V Awards Manager.

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RAY – N2RB Silent Key

From Dave – KJ8V

I received an email From Ray’s wife Lori this morning notifying me that Ray #244 PA had passed away 2/17/2020.
I have known Ray since 1979 and he was a real friend not only to me but also to the Geratol Net.
Ray had not been on the Net since early last year when he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

RIP Ray you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Sandy and I are back home. We came home early due to the Virus shutting everything down where we were at in Florida.

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