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Geratoler Silent Keys

Sorry to report 5 Geratoler Silent Keys from the March QST. KN2L Gerry NJ 1325, K5QM Jerry OK 1826, KF8S Stew OH 498, WW8T Greg MI 1468 and K9CQ Tim IL 1474. RIP Guys, you will be missed. Dave KJ8V

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Congratulations Bill KI7O

Congratulations Bill KI7O on achieving the Directors Award number 786. I know you worked hard for it. Dave KJ8V

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Correction To New Directors Number

Sorry, I looked in the wrong column. The new Directors number is 786 not 785 as I had reported. I looked in the wrong column. Dave KJ8V

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New Directors Number

I issued Directors Number 785 today 2/7/2020. Dave KJ8V

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Effective January 25th 2020 and going forward DO NOT send me any applications for awards/endorsements. If you complete any awards/endorsement after the above date either send me an email at or call me on my cell phone 231-794-9929 for instructions on how and where to send any applications for awards/endorsements to me. DO NOT mail any applications to me without talking to me first as there is an address change for me. See below.  Also DO NOT send me any applications to the new address below after March 25th, as I will be headed back to Michigan. All applications will be handled promptly the same as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience. The new address as of 02/01/2020 is as follows:

David Ertel
7472 Sunset Harbor Drive
Unit 313
Navarre, Florida 32566

 Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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As previously posted, over the next few months, we will be featuring information about our 50 States.

As a Worked All States net, it may be interesting to refresh our memories about the states we hear and/or work on the net. This week we will focus on the state of Connecticut, the fifth state to ratify the constitution.

Connecticut State Flag (Latin motto translated means: He who transplanted still sustains)

As with all our states, Connecticut has several nicknames. The official nickname is: “The Constitution State.” Connecticut is referred to as the “Constitution State” due to the fact that it has the first written constitution as recognized by many historians. It is also referred to as the “Nutmeg State”, because Connecticut’s early inhabitants had the reputation of being so ingenious and shrewd that they were able to make and sell wooden nutmegs.

Connecticut’s first European settlers were Dutchmen who established a small, short-lived settlement called Fort Hoop in Hartford at the confluence of the Park and Connecticut Rivers.

Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford

The Connecticut State Capitol is located north of Capitol Avenue and south of Bushnell Park in Hartford, the capital of Connecticut. The building houses the Connecticut General Assembly; the upper house, the State Senate, and lower house, the House of Representatives, as well as the office of the Governor. How many of you GERATOLers, have worked the Capitol of CT ???

Fun facts about the state of Connecticut:

1. Noah Webster, the author of the first dictionary, lived in West Hartford

2. The first automobile law was passed in Connecticut (and the speed limit was only 12 miles per hour).

3. Connecticut is home to the first hamburger, Polaroid camera, color television, and helicopter.

4. It’s illegal to walk on your hands in Hartford.

5. In order for a pickle to be considered a pickle in Connecticut, it must bounce.

6. Besides being known as the Consitution state, Connecticut is also known as the nutmeg state.

7. Our official state song is “Yankee Doodle.”

8. The Hartford Courant is the oldest continually published newspaper in America.

9. Connecticut never ratified the 18th amendment (prohibition).

10. The smallest natural waterfall in America, Mill Pond Falls, is located in Newington, Connecticut

These are just a few of the interesting facts about Connecticut. Have fun working CT as you pursue your W.A.S. or any of the GERATOL Awards and endorsements, that require you contact the Constitution State. You may wish to mention some of the fun facts to the folks you contact from CT.

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Congratulations Steve on completing the Board Award # 8 on 1/15/2020. Dave KJ8V

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ARRL’s new On the Air podcast for those just getting started on their amateur radio journey, will debut this Thursday, January 16, with a new podcast posted each month. The podcast is a companion to the new bimonthly On the Air magazine, which is already on its way to member subscribers. On the Air magazine editor Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, will be the host of the new podcast. Both the podcast and the magazine are aimed at offering new and beginner-to-intermediate-level radio amateurs a fresh approach to exploring radio communication.

Listeners can find the On the Air podcast at Blubrry, Apple iTunes (or by using your iPhone or iPad podcast app (search for On the Air), and Stitcher (or through the free Stitcher app for iOS, Kindle, or Android devices). Episodes will be archived on the ARRL website.

Each On the Air podcast will take a deeper dive into the articles and issues raised in the magazine, including advice and insight on topics covering the range of amateur radio interests and activities: radio technology, operating, equipment, project building, and emergency communication.

Supplementing On the Air will be a new Facebook page for those who share a love of radio communication and are looking to learn and explore more about their interests.

The biweekly Eclectic Tech podcast for experienced radio amateurs will launch on February 13. Hosted by QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, Eclectic Tech will highlight topics involving amateur and non-amateur technology, offer brief interviews with individuals involved in projects of interest to amateurs, and include practical information of immediate benefit to today’s hams. Eclectic Tech will be available via iTunes and Stitcher.

The ARRL Mags apps including QST and On the Air are now live on Apple iTunes and Google Play. The digital edition of On the Air magazine is now live and linked from the On the Air page on the ARRL website

Source: ARRL News

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From: Larry Phillips – W0FP

We had one nomination for each office.

A motion was made to elect the nominees to office as there were no additional nominations made from the floor.

So our newly elected officers are:

Chairman         W0FP    2026

Vice Chairman  KE9TC  2437

Secretary         AA0ZP  1932

Treasurer          KJ8W    2594


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Congratulations Ken WV1Y

Ken, Congratulations on completing the Directors Award # 785 for your Club AA1KM. A job well done. Da

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