75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


I have received dates from 10 folks already so keep them coming. It has filled a lot of blanks. This may seem trivial, however, there is a real use for this exercise. I receive requests from members asking for replacement certificates due to many things. Folks lose them during moving, fires, etc or just plain misplaced. Sandy and I have our own policy about this. We replace them free of charge to those who can’t find their certificates for what ever reason and put the funds in the G Net treasury for them out of our pocket. We remember how hard it was to work for them and how proud we are of them and if we can help someone out all the better.

The rub comes in when there is not an issue date for certificates. When this happens I can try to figure it out from dates I do have and or work it out with the station requesting a replacement. It’s amazing how some will all of a sudden remember the dates when I start taking to them about it. I then look and see if it is close according to what I do have and it usually fits. One other thing that I have seen and heard happen is that someone requesting a replacement will actually show up on the Net again.

Anyway, it may seem trivial to some, that is until they lose their certificates and then it hurts. Please keep sending me the info as it really helps out and someday I can turn over more accurate info to the next Awards Manager.

THANKS in advance for your help and understanding Dave KJ8V

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