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Sad Email from VY1JA

I received an email forwarded to me today From Jay VY1JA YT # 2009. Jay was always willing to help anyone that needed the Yukon Territory and readily gave out his number. Jay was also an initial call. I am pasting his email here on the Net Web Site as many will want to read it.

I am a long time member of the Geritol group, have been diagnosed two
weeks ago with Alzheimer’s and while I am still capable of doing so, am
dismantling my VY1JA station, selling off everything to make things
easier for my wife to handle.   VY1JA is permanently QRT.

Please pass my 73  and QRT for health reasons, to everyone who remembers
VY1JA on the net, and if you would, please drop my name/call from any
future Geritol Net emails.

Thank you for your kindness in this.


It is truly very sad indeed to hear this from Jay. My heart goes out to Jay as i know many others will feel the same way after reading this. Jay I will send you and email when I get back later this week from South Bend. May God bless you. Dave KJ8V

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