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Worked Canada Award Info

Worked Canada Award information. I probably have not looked at this award for at least 6 years due to a lack of interest in working it by Net members. I had forgotten about Canada combining the providences of Newfoundland and Labrador into one Providence. So, keep in mind that you only need to work one or the other for this award. This also means that you only need 10 providences plus one Territory to complete this award. If you use Frosty’s GNEC program open the folder and look for the README file and print it out. The Worked Canada Award info starts on page 5 and continues on page 6. The above is all explained in the requirements for this award on page 6. Thanks to Glenn for sending in his application for the award as it has brought to light several things about the award.

The second thing is the cost of the award. The cost of the Worked Canada Award is $5.00 plus funds to return your cards if you want them back or an SASE to get your cards back if wanted

The third thing about the award is the Certificate. Again, due to the lack of activity in this award I have no certificates for it. Glenn’s Award was the first one finished since 2002 and there were no certificates forwarded to me as Frosty made up the certificate and sent them out. This is no fault of Frosty’s. I take full responsibility for not asking about the certificates. Frosty and I are working on getting the certificate to me so I can print them out. With that being said you will have to have patience in receiving your certificate. In the mean time send your application and funds as usual and I will issue the award to you and send the certificate to you as soon as I get it and can print it. All complete and approved applications received will be numbered and put in que in the order they were received. Also keep in mind that I have NO CONTROL over the US POSTAL SERVICE and their delivery dates. Frosty and I are working on the certificate and will get it done as soon as possible.    

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