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In the spirit of the season, we would like to wish each and every GERATOLer, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May Santa be good to you all, and may he bring you all the Ham Radio toys you asked to receive !! We hope you have been behaving appropriately, to insure his arrival at your QTH !!

Per the attached picture, it seems he’s still working on his 1922 Ham Radio list, so it may take a while for your request to arrive !! LOL !!

HO ! HO ! HO!

For those who remember, and for those not familiar with the origins of our net, it was the ARRL along with the GERATOL founders (John, W0NL and Hank, K2DS) who sponsored the original efforts to promote use of the newly assigned Phone privileges on 80M to Extra Class hams. The ARRL actually issued a unique Serialized WAS award, with a special sticker, which read: “75 Meter 2 Letter Extra Class SSB” with a lightning bolt on it, for those persistent enough to complete the requirements. That serialized WAS award number, then became your GERATOL # see example below:

Today of course, we are fortunate to have the tradition carry on, by issuing new GERATOL #’s in association with the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award. The Serializations, (GERATOL numbers) on the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, picked up where the ARRL serialized 80M WAS Awards left off. Hats off to our current and former Awards Managers for keeping the “G” numbers consecutive from that era, to our current process.

Speaking of the ARRL, below are some old Christmas covers of QST from years gone by. In addition to the interesting artwork on each cover, note the cost of the magazine over the years !!


On behalf of the GERATOL Board of Directors, Net Control Ops and all those affiliated with the GERATOL Net, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (of operating).

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73 Kevin N1KL

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We would like to welcome aboard the GERATOL Website, two new registrants. Thanks for taking the time to register on our website gents, and we look forward to working you on the net in the near future.

New Registrants:

  • Dennis – WD9HCF who hails from IL. Dennis’ call is good for those needed a 2×3 W call for an endorsement.
  • Bob – WD8ING who will be bringing up KY on the net, when he checks in.

Should you have any questions about the website and/or the net, feel free to fire me an email to: Kevin N1KL


We are pleased to announce, the GERATOL Net will be activating a special event station, “W1G” to help celebrate our 50th year as a Worked All States net on 80 Meters.

W1G will be active starting Feb. 7th and will remain active through Feb. 20th. W1G will be checking into the GERATOL Net, and will also be active in the Extra Class portion of other bands, to promote the GERATOL Net to Extra Class operators who may not be familiar with the net.

For those who work W1G during the GERATOL Net, a special commemorative QSL card will be issued to them, without the need for a SASE. For those working W1G off the net, a SASE will be required.


As most are aware, the GERATOL Net, and Dave – KJ8V and Sandy – KJ8W, are sponsoring a special Certificate to commemorate our 50th year as a Worked All States net.

Dave has informed me, multiple Certificates have already been issued, and there are several GERATOLers who are still working toward completing the requirements for their commemorative certificate. It’s not too late to start working toward this colorful certificate. It’s a great way to help you celebrate the 50 years our net has been serving the Ham Radio community on 80 Meters.

You don’t need a GERATOL Number to work toward the certificate, but you need to work folks who do have a GERATOL Number. So, for those with GERATOL numbers who care to assist those working for the certificate, come up on frequency and share your G# with those looking to put you in their log.

Details on the requirements may be found on our website, both under the POST announcing the certificate, as well as in the tool bar at the top of the page under Awards, then under Other Awards and Certificates. Below is a sample of the certificate itself. A nice way to celebrate our anniversary, while having fun renewing old acquaintances or making new friends.

All the best to new and old GERATOLers alike. We hope to hear you all on the net in the near future.

Regards, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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We would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to the entire GERATOL family, and we hope you are able to spend quality time with family and friends this year.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would also like to give a special “Thanks” to our Net Control Operators, who continue to keep the GERATOL Worked All States alive and active, and have done so now, for 50 Years !!! Thanks to all NCS.

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We would like to take a minute to welcome some of our latest subscribers to the GERATOL Website.

  • N9CWW – Clark, who represents the great state of Indiana. My guess, with a CWW call sign, combined with his QRZ page sporting a big picture of the Morse Code symbols on the screen, Clark may be a CW enthusiast. You are in good company on the GERATOL Net Clark, since many of us are former service men and women, or just plain ham nuts, who are Morse operators, when not checking into the GERATOL Net. Clark’s call is good for the “N 1×3” endorsement. Welcome Clark.

  • N1UZ – Bill, hails from my home state of Taxachusetts, and just happens to be the President of the Mohawk Amateur Radio Club, of which I am a proud member. I’ll try to coax Bill on board to the net some evening, so you all don’t have to put up with only N1KL and N9SC representing Massachusetts. Bill’s call is good for the basic award of course, and we hope he can join us some evening this season. Welcome Bill.

  • TOM – Tom did not provide his call sign upon registering, but we would like to welcome him aboard.

    Thanks for taking the time to register on our website guys, and we look forward to working you some evening, starting at 0100Z on 3.668 Mhz


  • The GERATOL 50th Anniversary Certificate continues to be chased by many GERATOLers checking in, and in fact Dave, our Awards Manager, KJ8V confirms that he indeed has already issued several certificates, this early in the season. Well done to those who successfully contacted 50 stations with GERATOL Numbers !!
  • STAY TUNED !!!! In addition to the 50th Anniversary Certificate, to help celebrate our 50th year in service to the Ham Radio community as a unique Worked All States on on 80M, we will be conducting some additional activities. More to come as the 2021/2022 Season marches on, and as (hopefully) conditions continue to improve.

73 Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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GERATOL Net News & Welcome

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The new GERATOL Anniversary Certificate is being actively pursued on the net. Our Awards Manager, KJ8V informed me that he has issued several certificates already !! That is awesome. Again, thanks to both Dave (KJ8V) and Sandy (KJ8W) for their sponsorship of this exciting new certificate, celebrating 50 Years of the GERATOL Worked All States Net.

If you have not heard about it yet, check the POST on our website explaining how to qualify for one, or simply go to our website, and look under the AWARDS tab, at the top of the site’s tool bar.

Welcome New Website Subscribers

The following hams took the time to register on our GERATOL Website. Let’s give them a hearty welcome aboard, and we hope to hear and work them on the net this season. WELCOME guys !!

  • KD9SWA – Lee from Wisconsin. Lee’s 2×3 “K” will be sought out by the guys looking to complete Endorsement #17 to work stations with 2X3 Call sign formats.
  • N7KJ – Scott from Montana. Those looking to complete Endorsement #18 for State Capitols, will be glad to hear Scott on from Helena, MT !!
  • WB2JCC – Matty from New York. Always great to have a NY station on the net, but Matty also operates out of Maine ! So be on the look out !!

Welcome aboard to each and every one of you, and should you have any questions about the website, or the net in general, feel free to fire me off a note to:

73 to all, Kevin N1KL

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We continue to receive new registrants for our GERATOL Website. Please welcome the following ops, who have taken the time to register on our site, and let’s hope we get to hear them on the net in the coming weeks/months:

  • AD0QM – Jeff from the state of MN
  • Steve
  • N3AH – Paul from the Commonwealth of PA
  • ND7C – David from the state of AR
  • W7LRD – Robert from the state of WA

Welcome aboard to all of you, and feel free to fire me off a note to if you have any questions about the website.


Frosty was nice enough to create a log form, to be used by those working toward the new GERATOL 50th Anniversary Certificate. There are two pages for the log form, so make sure you print out both of them. They can be found via the following links:

Simply click on each link, the document will appear, and you can then print it out. Fill in your QSO’s as the log form requires, and when you reach the magic 50, send in your application to Dave, KJ8V or simply email him your log forms, and he will process your certificate. Good luck, and have fun. Kevin – N1KL

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Featured Member – Ken WV1Y G#1674 (SK-RIP Kenny)

Featured GERATOL Member WV1Y – Kenneth Magee

Ken was first licensed in 1975 in Colorado Springs, but he got his start in our great hobby, about ten years prior while stationed in Oregon. Ken was living in Oregon at the time, with his wife Evelyn, when a fellow Air Force buddy, none other than Jack, WM0G stopped by and asked Ken to keep an eye on his ham radio equipment while Jack was traveling. Ken agreed to babysit Jack’s equipment, and the rest is history !!

Jack knew of course, by leaving the radio, along with a long wire for some serious Short Wave Listening, that Ken would be smitten by the Ham Radio Bug !! Sure enough, it worked and by doing that “favor” for Jack, Ken became interested in Ham Radio obtaining his Novice license in 1975 while stationed in Colorado.

Ken – WV1Y “On The Air”

That first encounter with Ham Radio was in 1961, but years later (1992 to be exact) Ken had checked into the GERATOL Net, and a gentleman from Colorado gave him a call and asked if Ken had ever served in the Air Force, and if he had ever been to Klamath Falls. Indeed the answer was YES to both questions, and the inquiring Ham was none other than his old Air Force buddy, Jack, WM0G ! Imagine, after all that time since Jack had sparked Ken’s interest in radio, thirty years later they were having a QSO on the GERATOL Net !! This is truly an amazing hobby, and this is a great story about two old Air Force buddies reconnecting via the GERATOL Net.

After Oregon, Ken had moved on to Colorado, where he studied for and then received his ticket. His fellow Club members served as his Elmer, teaching him the basics and helping Ken achieve his Novice ticket, where he was licensed as WN0TLR. His rig at the time, was a staple for many of us beginners, a HW-101 which he fed into a dipole antenna up a whopping twenty feet in the air !! But it worked !!

Ken’s 1st Rig HW-101

Years later, Ken and his wife Evelyn settled down in “Little Rhody” aka: Rhode Island in 1988 after traveling and serving in the Army, Air Force and then Bendix Engineering. Ken is one of a handful of ops on the GERATOL net, who served in more than one branch of service. His dual service helps those working toward the Veteran’s Salute Award. Over the years, Ken’s eyesight had deteriorated and in 1990 the Handi-Hams group (a great organization) lent a hand by sending Ken a Century 21 CW rig, modified for visually impaired hams. Ken pounded away at CW, getting to 20 wpm proficiency and obtaining his Extra Class ticket ! Ken then upgraded his gear to a Kenwood TS440S, coupled with a G5RV antenna. He got hooked on County Hunting during the day time hours on 20 Meters, and has completed ALL counties, now five times over !! As Ken stated in his bio material he sent me, “What an adventure” What an accomplishment Ken ! Well done.

In addition to his County Hunting prowess, Ken has amassed over 137 Countries for his DXCC. One of his more memorable DX contacts was working both the North Pole and Alaska during Christmas time.

Ken served in the Army from 1948 through 1952, and then in the Air Force from 1955 through 1975. Some of spots he visited while serving included: Republic of Panama, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Iceland, Korea, Vietnam and even Thailand. Ken has not only Worked All States on the GERATOL Net, but he has also visited all 50 states in person, while with Bendix Engineering.
His wife Evelyn of 49 years passed away in 2006. She hailed from Denver, Colorado and was a great support for Ken while he was studying toward his ham license upgrade. She would test and quiz Ken so often, he says that it got to the point where she knew more than he did !! She provided that same support to Ken in his pursuit of Economics, where he eventually graduated with a degree from Roger Williams College.

As we all know, Ken hails from the little state of Rhode Island, which also happens typically to be a “tough one” for many ops to get on 80 Meters, but Ken is there most evenings, putting RI in the log books of so many future GERATOLers, as well as bringing his excellent operating skills and gentlemanly manner to the net. By the way, for those who may not know it, Ken recently achieved obtaining GERATOL # 2669 for his Club Call: AA1KM ! Congrats on that latest achievement Ken and thanks for all you do for our net.

Kevin N1KL


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2021/2022 Season Approaching

It won’t be long, a new season of the GERATOL Net is approaching quickly, so if you need to get some antenna work done, or reactivate that old version of WinEQF, now is the time, before the new season launches on October 1st.

Geratol Net Logo

As we all know, the last few seasons have been “challenging” for the new folks working toward their Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, or the basic award, due to less than stellar band conditions. Let’s hope this season brings with it, some improved conditions, and for the Old Time GERATOLers, let’s do our part to help these guys out, by taking a few minutes some evenings, to check in and put our respective states on the air for them.

Our awards manager, Dave KJ8V is standing by, ready to issue those new GERATOL numbers, Director Numbers or new Endorsements, so let’s keep him busy this year !!

The life blood of the net continues to be our Net Control Stations !! They keep the net alive, and all do a great job, making it fun, friendly and fair to all who check into the net. Big thanks in advance to those who volunteer to run the net. If you would like to try your hand as NCS, just fire a note off to Dave, KJ8V and let him know you wish to help out this season. It’s fun, challenging and very rewarding.

Speaking of “checking into the net”……we would also have no net, unless we have folks checking in. So, feel free to spread the word about our net at your next club meeting, or put a blurb in your club’s newsletter about the net starting up again, and invite any and all with the proper license class. I’ve found many are incorrectly under the impression you need to have an Extra Class formatted call. I always try to stress the fact, any and all call sign formats are more than welcome, in fact, encouraged, since we have several endorsements that require those types of call signs. As long as they have the appropriate license class, they are MORE than welcome to join our ranks. Spread the word !


During this coming 50th season, feel free to put your own POSTS on the website, about your experiences on the net, and tell us about the interesting, unusual or otherwise fun QSO’s you’ve had, while working toward your basic, or as NCS, or grabbing that LAST state you needed, or whatever !!

For example, I recall working from my mobile on the net one evening from VT, putting VT into as many logs as possible. As I was making one QSO after another, a rather curious VT police officer approached my truck, and asked what I was up to. I explained, and he was intrigued. So much so, he stayed there listening to me hand out signal reports, swap numbers, exchange info with other ops for nearly an hour ! He gave me his email address, and I sent him the name of a local club in his area, where he could learn more about our hobby !! You never know who’s listening !! Or watching for that matter ! Let’s hear your interesting stories…..

If you are not sure about how to place a POST with your story, just fire me off a note, and I will be happy to either send you a tutorial showing you how to place a POST, or will add the POST on your behalf. Just send your request to:

As mentioned, our upcoming season represents the 50th Anniversary of our net. To celebrate this milestone, a new award will be made available by our Awards Manager, Dave – KJ8V. Stay tuned for details from Dave and Sandy, and get ready to begin working toward the new award, this coming season and join in the celebration.

Let’s make the coming season another fun, and friendly experience for new and old members alike, as we have been doing for fifty years now !! Spread the word, GERATOL turns 50, and for those who have not checked in for some time, please take a minute to join us some evening, to help celebrate our anniversary, and to share your experiences.

All the best, Kevin N1KL GERATOL Website Admin and Public Relations

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FCC Application Fees

FCC application fees unlikely to go into effect until 2022

The ARRL reports the schedule of FCC amateur radio application fees likely will not go into effect before 2022. FCC staff confirmed during a recent virtual meeting with Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) that the agency is still working on the necessary changes to the Universal Licensing System (ULS) software and other processes and procedures that must be in place before it starts collecting fees from amateur applicants. Earlier this year, the FCC said it would not start collecting fees from amateur applicants before this Summer. The new estimate is that the fees won’t go into effect until early next year.

Once it’s effective, the $35 application fee will apply to new, modification (upgrade and sequential call sign change), renewal, and vanity call sign applications. All fees will be per application. Administrative update applications, such as those to change a licensee’s name, mailing, or email address, will be exempt from fees. ARRL VEC manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, said Volunteer Examiner (VE) teams will not face the burden of collecting the $35 fee.



$35 FEE: New, modification (upgrade and sequential call sign change), renewal, and vanity call sign applications. All fees will be per application.

NO FEE: Administrative updates, such as a change of name, mailing or email address, or license cancellation.


$35 FEE: New, renewal, trustee change, and vanity call sign applications. All fees will be per application.

NO FEE: Administrative updates, such as a change of name, mailing or email address, or license cancellation.

For more information on FCC application fees, here is the link:

Sources: Ham Radio Daily; FCC Website

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YOTA 2021

As we are all acutely aware, the median age of a typical Ham Operator is increasing year after year. To confirm this, all we need to do is look around at the next Ham Radio Expo, or Flea Market or even local club meeting and see how many “Old Timers”, not including any of us of course, are in our midst.

YOTA, or Youth On The Air, strives to stir interest in our hobby amongst younger folks, helping to insure our hobby remains viable. This year, YOTA will be operating a Special Event Station beginning next Monday. Let’s take a minute out of our busy summer schedules, to find them, and make a contact.

Youth on the Air Camp 2021 to Activate W8Y and Stream Selected Events Online

The first Youth on the Air (YOTA) camp for young radio amateurs in North, Central, and South America begins on July 11 in West Chester, Ohio. Among other activities, campers will be operating special event station W8Y from the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in West Chester Township, and also from the camp hotel. The camp will run until July 16.

We are at 23 campers,” said Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG. “We are very excited to finally bring this program to the Americas. Our young people are bringing an incredible lineup of hands-on sessions for their peers. We hope this pilot gives us the information we need to replicate this camp over multiple locations for years to come. We also hope this brings a more robust community of young hams into amateur radio.”

The long-awaited summer camp for up to 30 hams aged 15 through 25 had been set to take place in June 2020, but it had to be rescheduled until summer 2021 because of COVID-19 pandemic concerns. The camp for young hams in the Americas took its cue from the summer Youngsters on the Air camps held for the past few years in various IARU Region 1 countries.

W8Y will be on the air as campers complete projects, between sessions, and during free time. Dedicated operating times on HF will be Monday, July 12, 0100 – 0330 UTC; Tuesday, July 13, 0000 – 0330 UTC and 1800 – 2130 UTC. Dedicated satellite station operating times will be Thursday, July 15, 1400 – 1700 UTC, and Friday, July 16, 1500 – 1700 UTC.

An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact is currently set for either Wednesday, July 14, at 1503 UTC, or Thursday, July 15, at 1416 UTC. It will be streamed live on the Youth on the Air YouTube channel.


The camp opening observance on Sunday, July 11, 2100 – 2230 UTC, will feature keynote speaker Tim Duffy, K3LR. The hour-long closing ceremony on Friday, July 16, will begin at 1700 UTC. The YouTube channel will also feature a daily video, highlighting the activities of the previous day.

ARRL and The Yasme Foundation donated project kits for the campers. X-Tronic provided temperature-controlled soldering stations. The brochure on the Youth on the Air website includes more details about the camp. For additional information, contact Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG.

Source: ARRL Amateur Radio News and YOTA Website

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