75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Endorsement 37

Trifecta WAS

Work all 50 states with stations that have a Director number,
a GERATOL number, and a QCWA number.

You can not duplicate a callsign in any one state.
In any one state you have to work different callsigns for each number.
You can use the same callsign in different states (i.e. mobiles).
You must have a GERATOL number to work this endorsement.
All callsign formats  are eligible.
A total of 150 contacts for this endorsement.
All contacts must be after 0301z on 24 February 2009.

For entry into Win-EQF or Log-EQF, you have to put a marker in
the INFO field of the log for each different number, to use the
Director number, you insert E37D, to use a GERATOL number, you
insert E37G, or to use a QCWA number, you insert E37Q. You must
enter the number that you want to use in that contact log entry.
You enter the numbers as normal, B#nnnn or BNnnnn or Q#nnnnn or
QNnnnnn in the INFO field or the Geratol number in the FORMAT
field as normal.

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