75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Endorsement 33

While Mobile

  1. Work the mainland 48 states while you are mobile. Any callsign format is allowable.
  2. All contacts must be made on or after February 23, 2001.
  3. All contacts must be made between the frequencies of 3.700 and 3.600 Mhz in the Extra Class phone band. (In the event the band plan changes, contacts must be made in the designated Extra Class phone band). The contacts do not have to be made during net hours, but it is encouraged that contacts be made during net hours.
  4. All contacts must be made on SSB.
  5. Equipment must be mobile type equipment mounted in a vehicle capable of being operated while the vehicle is in motion. This does not mean that operation must be made while the vehicle is in motion; but, it is meant to prevent mobile stations from using fixed station antennas..

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