75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Director’s Award

Director's Award

The GERATOL Net Director’s Award is issued to net members, who have already earned their Unbelievable Operating Acheivement (WAS) Award, and have worked 100 other Geratol WAS Award holders and exchanged their numbers. All contacts must have been made after 0500 Feb 13, 1990. Endorsement stickers are available for increments for 200, 300, and 400 contacts after the certificate has been earned.  Any call sign format qualifies, in the U.S. or Canada. 

At 500 contacts, the Net 500 certificate is issued.

Contacts with 1000 GERATOL numbers earns a Presidents 1000 Certificate.

Contacts with 1500 GERATOL numbers earns a Hall of Fame 1500 Certificate.

Contacts with 2000 GERATOL numbers earns Grand Masters 2000 Certificate.

Contacts with 2500 GERATOL numbers earns a Five Star 2500 Certificate.

The certificate, shown above, is a full-color, 11″x17″ document that will look great on your shack wall. Now you know why so many Geratolers are eager to work other GERATOL Number holders!

All contacts must be after 0500z on 13 February 1990

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