75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Net Operating Rules


All net participants will observe the RULES of the net. Please observe the following rules:

  1. Be courteous to all on the net.
  2. The NCS is not permitted to add stations to the bottom of a work list. Please DO NOT ask to be placed on the bottom of a list. The NCS may move a station, already on the list, to the bottom if he/she wants you to have another try at a contact, or if a station left the net and then later during the list, checked back in.
  3. The NCS is in charge of the net. If he/she has to make a ruling on any situation, please abide by that decision. We like to have board members available to perform that responsibility, however, a board member may not always be available. If you have a complaint, please DO NOT discuss it on the net. Please put it in writing and file it officially with a board member. If you get into an argument on the net, you may be asked to leave the frequency by the NCS or a Board member. Please remember, HAM RADIO is a HOBBY, HELP make it enjoyable for all.


The GERATOL NET is a directed net. The GERATOL NET Board of Directors provide each Net Control Station with a set of GUIDELINES. The Board encourages each NCS to follow the GUIDELINES, however, NCSs are permitted to deviate from the GUIDELINES in order to customize their net in a way they feel comfortable with.

  1. NCS will take check-ins and ask the recognized station to give call, name, state and may ask for any numbers stations may have. This is to give stations listening a chance to check this information and signal strength.
  2. Generally, NCSs will announce the taking of a work list. The NCS will ask for the last two letters of your call or how you wish to be identified on a work list. Announce your ID just once when checking in or when trying to get on a work list. Try to spread the calls out and not bunch up. NCS will acknowledge stations copied. If you did not make it, try again and repeat your ID when directed to do so by the NCS. This process is usually repeated several times. When the work list is completed, NCS will announce that the list is complete.
  3. The NCS will ask the stations on the work list to make calls. Each station on the work list will have 3 opportunities to complete 2 contacts. The NCS will require that you and your called station acknowledge correctly, without the aid of a relay station, the callsigns, signal report and appropriate numbers you are trying to exchange for purpose of endorsement or awards. NCS may provide an opportunity for stations to check in during the work list, but you will not be added to the bottom of the list. This permits others to make note that you have checked in and someone may wish to call you.
  4. DO’s: Listen and follow net progress, have your call list ready, please use standard phonetics, acknowledge call, report and/or numbers of station contacted. Above all, pay attention!
  5. DON’Ts: Ask the NCS for call signs, reports or numbers of stations being contacted, ask or relay calls, reports or numbers unless asked to do so by NCS, tune up on frequency, ask to be placed on the bottom of a work list or check in when a work list is in progress unless the NCS asks for check-ins. Remember, the NCS is in charge of the net operations. The NCS may at his/her discretion alter Standard Operating Practice because of conditions or special considerations.
  6. The GERATOL NET is a W.A.S. net, not a DX net. DX stations may check in and are welcome, but U.S. and Canadian operators can not call DX stations unless the DX station’s CALL SIGN has a GERATOL number issued to the call being used. Any contact with any DX stations must constitute the exchange of a GERATOL number or the contact will not be valid for net purposes and is discouraged.


If you do not choose to take advantage of the bureau, remember that it is the net policy and more importantly, a common courtesy to send an SASE when requesting cards from net participants. This is especially true when rare stations are asked to come on the net.

When filling out your QSL cards, be accurate. The frequency must be specified to four digits (eg. 3.668 MHz) so that there is proof positive that the contact was made in the Extra class portion of the phone band, 80 meters or 3.5 MHz will not work.

The mode must be 2-way SSB or 2xSSB. If you use A3J or other jargon, the GERATOL Net will not be accept the card.

If you make a mistake, do not try to correct it by overwriting. Tear the card up and do it over. Altered cards will be rejected by the Geratol Net.

Remember a contact after 00:00 UTC will be the next day.

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