75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


The purpose of the GERATOL NET is to assist properly licensed amateur radio operators in obtaining the GERATOL Net 75-Meter, 2-Letter Extra Class serialized UNBELIEVABLE OPERATING ACHIEVEMENT Award. The award, also known as the Geratol Basic Award, is issued by the GERATOL Net for working and having confirmed, all 50 states within the EXTRA class segment of the American 75 meter phone band with 1X2, 2X1, 2X2A calls and 2X2 (AH6, KH6, WH6 in HI) and (AL7, KL7, WL7 in AK) extra class format call signs.

This award is serialized. That means each time an award is issued, it is numbered sequentially. The number on each Geratol Basic Award is the number you hear used on the net and is exchanged by stations for the other awards and endorsements.

The GERATOL NET also offers thirty-seven interesting and challenging endorsements to add to the Basic Award, as well as endorsements to the Directors Award in increments of 100.

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