75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

The Unbelievable Operating Achievement Serialized Award

(The Basic GERATOL Award)

UOAA Basic Award

To challenge your skills in obtaining the special, 75 meter, 2-letter, Unbelievable Operating Achievement award select call sign structures are allowed by the GERATOL Net. The QSL cards required for the award must be from stations with the following call sign formats:

  • 1×2 Extra class …. ex. W2NL
  • 2×1 Extra class … ex. AB5T
  • 2×2 A Extra class … ex. AA4FF, AH6CG, AL7AC
  • 2×2 KH6, WH6 or KL7, WL7 Extra class … ex. KH6AQ, KL7AF

(Note: Additional new call prefixes have been assigned by the FCC to Alaska and Hawaii. The main idea is that the call sign be a Group A – Amateur Extra Class call sign as issued to only Extra class amateurs. For more detail see the FCC definition.)

All contacts must be made within the 75-meter Extra Class sub band, and each QSL card must indicate a 2-way SSB QSO. The frequency must be listed to 4 digits, such as 3.668 MHz. The Geratol Net will not accept 3.5 MHz. or 75 meters, because that QSO could have been outside the Extra Class sub band.

This is the award that gets you your own Geratol Number. The award is assigned a unique serial number when issued. This number becomes your Geratol Number.

When all 50 cards are in hand, follow instructions on the Geratol Net WAS application form.

In addition, a log summary form must be filled out:  (Click on image to obtain printable version)  

Submit your cards to the Awards Manager. If you want the GERATOL Net to return your cards, be sure to enclose return postage. There is a $10 fee for this award.

More detail about How to submit your application for the Basic Award.

QSL cards must clearly indicate that the QSO took place in the Extra-class sub-band of 80 meters. To do so, the frequency should be specified in MHz to three decimals, i.e. 3.668 MHz. This avoids any ambiguity in verifying the sub band.

e-QSLs from Authenticity Guaranteed eQSL users may also be submitted. Print out the entire card including the Authenticity Guaranteed seal below the card. eQSL users should indicate the frequency in the comments field of the QSO so that it shows for the recipient.

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