75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Geratol Net Preamble

The Net Preamble is a script the NCS reads at the beginning of the net. Since any net member may serve as NCS, it is provided here for your information. It contains important information and instructions for all who participate in the net.


Good evening and welcome to the GERATOL Net. Your Net Control Station for this shift is (your call sign). My name is (your name), located in the State of (your state), My GERATOL number is (your GERATOL #) This is a worked all states net operated in the Extra Class portion of the US 75-meter phone band. The purpose of the net, is to assist properly licensed operators in achieving the GERATOL Net special serialized 75 meter, 2 1etter Extra Class worked all states award, also known as the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, or as we call it the Basic Award.

To achieve the Basic Award, you must work all 50 states in the Extra Class portion of the 75 meter phone band with Extra Class formatted call signs, such as the lx2’s, 2xl’s, or the 2×2 alpha series, and also receive QSL conformation from each of the 50 states. The frequency on the cards must be marked to 4 digits (such as 3.668) and use 2x or 2 way SSB or LSB for the mode so that our Net Awards Manager knows the contact was made in the Extra Class 75 meter phone band. EQSL cards are acceptable if they are authenticity guaranteed. If EQSL cards are used, the frequency to four digits must be placed in the comments field on the EQSL. When you send in an EQSL for credit for the Basic WAS award, you must send in the AG seal with the EQSL, whether on the card or below it

When you have collected your 50 QSL cards, you must submit the cards along with a properly filled out WAS application to our Awards Manager, KJ8V, Dave in Michigan. This form is available for downloading off the NETs website, or you can use the ARRL WAS Application. When your cards and application have been approved, Dave will issue you a special serialized 75 Meter 2-Letter Extra Class Worked-All-States certificate. The serial number on that WAS certificate becomes your GERATOL Number, and that is the number that you hear us exchanging for some of the other awards and endorsements offered by the GERATOL Net.

If you would like complete information about the GERATOL NET, and you have internet capability, you can go to the NET’s website at:, which will tell you everything you need to know about the Net. If you do not have internet access, you can obtain a Net information packet through the regular mail, by sending a business sized S.A.S.E. with 2 units of postage to our Net Information Officer, AI4IL, Bob in Georgia, and his address is good in any call book or QRZ. Our Information Officer can also send you an information packet via e-mail, by sending a request to

The GERATOL NET also has a free QSL bureau, and the bureau manager is WX4H Mike in Florida, and his address is good on QRZ. To use the bureau, please send Mike two or three dollars and he will take care of envelopes, labels and postage.

The Net operating format is as follows: First, we will take a list of check-ins, and then we will take a worklist. If you wish to work any station on the Net, you MUST get on a worklist. After the worklist is taken, each station on the worklist will be given 3 attempts to complete 2 good calls. Also, if you hear a state that would be your 48th, 49th, or 50th state for the Basic Award or any of the endorsements, just break-in with the word “48,49 or 50” and we will put you in immediate contact with that station. If it is NOT your 48th, 49th or 50th state, just get on a regular worklist.

Is there anyone on frequency that was invited to be on the Net tonight?

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