75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


The GERATOL NET offers thirty-seven interesting and challenging endorsement stickers to add to the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award.

The GERATOL NET endorsement program operates on the honor system so QSL cards are not necessary except for the basic award. Double and triple check your accuracy to be absolutely sure that all stations worked qualify. Be liberal with notes, this will help the awards manager understand what transpired.

Submit your requests for endorsements and awards to the proper manager. Include the following:

  • Your name and call.
  • Your GERATOL Number if you have one and the date issued.
  • Lists of the stations worked, including date, time (in UTC) of each QSO and of course the endorsement numbers being applied for.
  • Please note that some endorsements and awards require lists to be in a particular form. Please use the form indicated above or contact the proper manager for instructions.
  • If you desire confirmation of receipt, include an SASE post card. It would be a good idea to make a copy in case something gets lost.

Contacts for a particular endorsement can be used for other endorsements when the call sign format qualifies. For example, AA6A may be used for endorsement 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 22, 25 and others if the operator has a GERATOL number. Contacts may be made anywhere in the Extra class segment of the American phone band, 3.600 to 3.700 MHz.


Be aware that you can begin to collect call signs for those endorsements that do not require a GERATOL number at any time.

QSLs are not required for endorsements.

There are a lot of people that put in a lot of time to make this net enjoyable for you. A little extra effort on your part to insure that you have submitted information properly will help them a great deal.

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