75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net



When will I become a member of the Geratol Net?
With all the hoopla that goes on the Geratol Net, one might think becoming a
member takes time and effort. Actually. you become a member of the Net
by checking in. That’s all there is to it.
My Call is not Extra Class Formatted, can I participate on the Geratol Net?
Absolutely! The only requirement to participate on the Geratol Net is to have
an Extra Class license. All Callsigns are valuable on the Geratol Net.
Will I be required to send and received loads of QSL cards like on other NETs?
Most Awards and/or Endorsements on the Net do not require QSL cards.
Only the Basic WAS Award and the Canadian Award require QSL cards.
What’s all this stuff about Extra Class formatted calls?
Extra Class formatted calls are 1X2 i.e. W0FP, N0HD, K1KS,…2X1 i.e. WR8O,
KJ9P, AG8A, NR9Q,…2X2A i.e. AA7MT, AB4BJ, AC0CI, AD5GB, etc.
Call formats not acceptable for the Basic Award; 2X2K KK6AW, 1X3 K9LJP
W9JOP, N7ZUF 2X3 KA0SHC, WB9OBX, etc. Also 2X2 calls
beginning with letters other than A i.e. WY7LL.

HI and AK…… 2X2 KL KH AL AH NL NH WL WH are acceptable.

How does this E-QSL thing work?
The Geratol Net will accept E-QSL cards for the Basic WAS Award if the card
has the AG (Authenticity Guaranteed) seal on the card or associated with it. Also
the freq. needs to be stated to 4 digits, i.e 3.668 or Geratol Net is noted.

You do not need to be AG on the E-QSL site but stations sending you E-QSL’s
for the Basic WAS award do.

Is the Geratol Net a local thing or are all countries treated the same.
For the purposes of the Geratol Net, all stations other than the U.S.A. and
Canada are considered DX. U.S and Canada stations may not call DX
Stations on the Net, unless the DX stations have a Geratol number.
How does this 3 opportunities to complete 2 good calls work.
The first call is the key.

If you complete the first call, you have the opportunity to
complete 1 more call out of the next 2 tries.

If you miss your first call, you have 2 more opportunities to
complete 2 good calls

Working one (1) station with two (2) Geratol numbers is considered one (1) call.

Working one (1) station with one (1) Geratol number and one (1) Club Geratol
number is considered two (2) calls.

Is the Geratol Net any different from the other Nets as far as info included in calls?
The Geratol Net prides itself on not spoon feeding info to stations participating in
calls. Name and /or state may be relayed by the NCS but nothing specific to the

“Going up for grabs” is not allowed on the Geratol Net.

Can I fill out my QSL cards like always or does the Net have specific requirements.
For the most part the info is the same with two (2) important exceptions. The 2
Letter Extra Class WAS is unique to the Extra Class phone portion of 75m.
The Net requires the freq on the card be carried out to (4) digits, i.e. 3.668.

The Net requires 2XSSB on the card if that’s what actually happened.

When and where can I make my SSB contacts for Geratol Net Awards and/or Endorsements.
Although the Net only operates from Oct.1 thru Apr. 30, you may make good
contacts at anytime as long as they are in the Extra Class phone portion of 75m.
What are G#’s (Geratol numbers) and D#’s (Directors Award numbers)?
When you look at the Geratol Award Flow, notice the block directly below the NEW MEMBER

New members work toward the Geratol Net Basic WAS Award. To earn that Award you
must work all 50 states by working a station in each of the 50 states that has an Extra Class
formatted call while in the Extra Class phone portion of 75m (See Question on Extra Class
formatted calls). After receiving and submitting the 50 correctly filled out (See question on QSL
data requirements) QSL cards from each of the 50 states to the Awards Manager, the new
member will receive the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award (Basic WAS Award).
This Award will have a serial number on it. That serial number is the new members G# (Geratol

When you look at the G#FLOW diagram, notice the block just below the Geratol WAS—All
Canada block. It states Directors Award…Work 100 Geratol numbers.


Once the new member has received his/her Basic WAS Award (G#), they can then work toward
the Directors Award (D#). To earn the Award you must work and exchange Geratol numbers (G#)
with 100 other Geratol number (G#) holders in the Extra Class phone portion of 75m. Once the
new member has worked the required G#’s, he should submit a log extract, with the contact info,
and sorted by G# in ascending order. The member will be issued a beautiful Directors Award
certificate. This Award will have a serial number on it. That serial number is the new members
D#) Directors Number.

I’m a new station, what kind of contacts can I make?
Most importantly, you can work stations with Extra Class formatted calls for the
basic WAS Award

You can work toward the Canadian Award.

You can collect D#’s working toward 150 D#’s for the Board Award.

You can work toward completing all Endorsements except those requiring you to have a G#.

Am I required to check out or re-check when I return?
Most evenings the Net is busy enough that checking out and in just wastes time.
It’s a good idea to leave quietly to save time.
How do I get to make calls on the Net?
Once you’ve checked into the Net, the NCS will take a work list. Get on the work
list by giving the last two of your call sign, just like checking in. The only time
you can make calls without being on the work list is to work a station that would
be 48, 49 or 50 for an Award or Endorsement. Just call out 48, 49 , or 50 as the
case might be. The NCS should put you right through.
Who runs the Geratol Net?
The Geratol Net has a Board of Directors to oversee its operation. The Board consists of the
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. These four positions are are elected by the
Membership Geratol number holders. Other positions are appointed as necessary.

The Geratol Net has elections every two (2) years. Dec. is usually the nominating month and
the following Jan. is the month to vote.

How do I go about getting information about the Geratol Net?
The Geratol Net has an Information Officer who can send you the information in various forms.
You can get the info via e-mail or regular mail. Contact AI4IL.
The Geratol Net has a web page.

We also have a Quick Start Guide. Geratol Quickstart

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