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Thanks to the efforts of our new Awards Manager, Bob, AI4IL, we have a couple of old Awards that have a brand new look to the certificates associated with them.

For the BOARD AWARD remember, you need only 150 contacts with GERATOLers with Director numbers. For those working on their basic, this is a fun certificate to chase, since you do NOT have to have a GERATOL number to qualify for this Award.

Here is an example of the newly minted, and rather handsome BOARD Award certificate:

Not to be outdone with that new Board Award, Bob has updated the GOLD BOARD Award as well. Here is an example below of the new, flashy GOLD BOARD AWARD. Nicely done Bob !!

Bob mentioned there may be several regulars who have worked the necessary 300 contacts with GERATOLers holding a Director’s number. If you have not already done so, take a look at your logs, and if you meet the requirements, feel free to apply using the forms outlined on the website. If you are close to getting to that 300 mark, this nice certificate is worth putting a few more QSO’s in your logs, with folks who have a Director’s number. Good hunting….

(Word has it, Bob used 24 karat gold for this one !!)


On behalf of all the net members, and especially those folks working toward their basic award, we wish to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our Net Control Operators who slugged it out through some pretty rough conditions once again this season.

Sunday W0FP
Monday WG5N
Tuesday AA8PI
Wednesday AI4IL
Thursday AC1DR
Friday W0FP
Saturday AC0SG

There is an old saying about folks who volunteer, like our NCS Ops:
The best things in life are free, like volunteers.

How true, since without their efforts, there would be no GERATOL Net. As you can see per the above list, there is still a need for one more volunteer, to round out the seven days of the week, and give Frosty a night off…..there is an opening on Friday evening for an NCS Op. Anyone interested should contact Frosty directly.


We would like to welcome Rod, KQ4KQW, who checked into the net Wednesday night, and who then registered on our GERATOL Website. Welcome aboard Rod.

Rod hails from the great state of GA, and is also an Air Force Vet, for those who need a AF Vet contact from the State of GA.

Thanks for taking the time to register on the net Rod, and good luck working on your basic award. If you have any questions about the net and/or the website, feel free to reach out to me at


To date, no one has applied for the new CALL AREA CHALLENGE certificate. This means, folks are still working toward it’s completion. Looks like this one is a tad more challenging, and may take a couple or even three seasons to master. Keep it going guys, I heard through the grapevine there are a few who are within reach of wrapping it up, by just getting a couple 6 and 7 Call Area QSO’s in the books.


It’s hard to believe, but yet another GERATOL Net season is going into the books in a few days, as we suspend the net at the end of April, and restart again this coming Fall in October, 2025 !!

As the net winds down, take a minute to thank your NCS op, and also feel free to put a response to this POST with some words of encouragement to them as well.

Have a great summer, and we will hear you on the net the next few days, or this coming Fall.

73, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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