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GLIST 1.10

For those who need a copy of GLIST 1.10 to run the programs created by Frosty, there is a copy on the FILE section of the tool bar, but in addition, please find one attached below.

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For those of you using the N3FJP logging software, in conjunction with tracking GERATOL QSO’s and endorsements, please note, that a new file has been placed out on the website. Go to the main tool bar at top of opening page, then to FILES then to ADDITIONAL AIDS AND FORMS FOR THE GERATOL NET and you will find the latest GNECAC file from Frosty there.

From: Frosty – W0FP
I added the AC on the end of the name to identify that it is for
N3FJP’s ACLog that produces Microsoft Access database Log files.
One thing that I found out is ACLog doesn’t put the Canadian province abbreviation.
in the state field of the log, so everyone will have to modify their log file
in ACLog adding the 2 letter province abbreviation in the State field
I found out that I can run both ACLog and GNECAC at the same time
that ACLog does not lock the log file while it is open.
ACLog is a great program.

One other thing, I put all of the abbreviations.
for the different items like initial call (IC) in the Comments field of ACLog
I moved the Other8 ACLog field on the main ACLog screen and placed it
between the County field and Country field and I renamed the Other8 field
GERATOL that is where I put the Geratol number.

If there are any questions, just ask. If people are moving their Win-EQF file
to ACLog with an ADIF file, to move the Geratol number from the EQF Track field
to the ACLog Other8 field, you have to rename the ACLog Other8 field
to APP_EQF_TRACK during the ADIF Import in ACLog. After the import
is complete, you name the Other8 field to GERATOL

I hope people enjoy this effort
73 Frosty W0FP

Frosty, thanks for the hard work and time you put into making all our logging files so useful.


With sadness, we have been informed that Fred, W0ULU GERATOL # 878 is now a Silent Key. Fred was a resident of Cottage Grove, Minnesota.


We would like to pass along our condolences to all his family and friends on his passing.


Well, guys continue to work toward completing the newest GERATOL Certificate being offered, entitled the CALL AREA CHALLENGE.

No one has completed or applied for the certificate as yet, but listening to the net, it is obvious that folks are having fun chasing QSO’s to complete the requirements. There have been a few new stations on frequency this season, some invited up by folks chasing the requirements for the certificate. So, if there are some call sign formats you need, regardless of what call area they currently reside in, feel free to fire off an invite, and have them come on frequency, to say hi and make a few QSO’s.

For example, if a station from Maine, (1st call area) checks in, and his/her call sign is W7XYZ, that call sign is good for the 1×3 format from 7th call area.

As the administrator of the certificate, I declared myself ineligible for the certificate, but will be confirming Logs submitted, for completion of the challenge, and to send those ops who complete the requirements, a nice copy of their certificate. (See example below) I can’t wait to issue the first one !!!

And don’t forget, we have a special ENDORSEMENT sticker, for those who work W1G, the Special Event call sign, commemorating the GERATOL Net, which will be activated on St. Patrick’s Day, 3/17 and remain active for an entire week.

All the best, and good hunting folks, and above all “have fun” chasing it.

73 from the Website Administrator

PS My thanks to Al, AE2T for his recent assistance on some of our website file placements. Thanks for always being on hand to assist Al !! Much appreciated N1KL

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Greetings fellow GERATOLers. On behalf of the GERATOL BOARD of DIRECTORS, OFFICERS AND NCS OPERATORS, we would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. Enjoy the time with Family and Friends. We hope you get to relax and enjoy the day.


Hi all. It has come to our attention that Steve, KA4CZL has recently undergone surgery on his leg and is recovering. We have not heard him on the net, due to this, and the fact his ham shack is located a distance from the house, and he is not able to make the trek out to the ham radio shack at this time.

He does plan to get back on the net, as soon as he is strong enough to do so. If you would like to mail Steve a get well QSL card, his address is as follows:

PO BOX 197
FALCON, NC 28342

From: N1KL, Kevin Website Administrator

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The good news is, folks are continuing to work toward completing the requirements for this new certificate, and seem to be having fun doing so !! That’s what it is all about.

Also, we have been asked if OTHER call signs, such as Canadian Province calls like VE3SIQ would count toward the THIRD call area 2×3 requirement. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. This particular challenge is for the United States Call Areas, 1 through 0 only, as the map on the certificate (See above) illustrates. But it was a great question, and hey, who knows, maybe a Canadian Call Area Challenge may be something we consider down the road, to engage even more of our neighbors to the north to jump on the net.

We have updated the requirements for the Call Area Challenge certificate located on our previous post, to reflect U S Call areas only.

We would be curious to see how folks are progressing on this CHALLENGE. If you feel like doing so, fire a note off to Kevin, N1KL at and let him know how many of the 50 QSO’s you have under your belt already, this early in the GERATOL season.


We are very sad to announce that one of our true regulars, who put Oregon into many, many log books before moving to Texas has passed away. Ed, K7OC was a trooper, who would attempt to check into the net through thick and thin on the conditions front. Ed was an avid amateur radio enthusiast, and served as the Vice President of the COWTOWN ARC in Forth Worth, TX. We will miss you Ed, may you RIP.

Thanks to Louis, N9LY for alerting us of Ed’s passing, and keeping us informed.

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The new GERATOL Certificate, entitled the CALL AREA CHALLENGE, is now available, and operators are working toward trying to complete the requirements. Rumor has it a few ops are more than half way to working all call sign formats from each call area. The certificate is available to ALL operators who check into the net, and no GERATOL number is required to complete the requirements. It’s a fun way to work toward completing a nice GERATOL approved Certificate, as you look for new states, endorsements, etc.

To find out more about the new certificate, and how to qualify, check out our previous POST on it, or go to the FILES page for log forms, etc.


Speaking of log forms, there are TWO versions on the FILE section of our website, one is an excel file, and the other is an updatable version in pdf format, that Frosty W0FP put together. Either is acceptable, when applying for the award.

No doubt, given current band conditions, getting all the formats from 6 and 7 land will be a challenge. So, if you know any hams in either of those call areas, or hams that have 6 or 7 in the call sign, regardless of their location, feel free to invite them up on the net some evening to join the fun.


Just a reminder, to qualify for the special certificate endorsement on the call area certificate, you must work GERATOL Special Event Station W1G, which will be active from March 17 through March 23rd. So, keep that in mind, and we will of course, send out a reminder or two, prior to the activation.


Don’t eat too much of that candy left over from the Trick or Treaters !!!

73, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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The new GERATOL Season is well under way. The net launched it’s Fall season this past Saturday evening, with NCS Steve, AC0SG doing the honors opening the net. We had double digit check in totals, with eleven states represented.

Frosty, W0FP Chairman, announced the launch of our new GERATOL Certificate, entitled the CALL AREA CHALLENGE ! Several of the ops on frequency, began working toward the award that evening. Check out the previous post on the website for details on this new certificate, and join in the fun chasing the QSO’s needed for this one. Also for log form information, etc on the award, check out the website file section.

Here is an example of the log form, being used by N1KL starting last Saturday.

Stop by to say hi, and renew old friendships at 0100Z on 3.668 Mhz. We’d enjoy hearing you !!


K5OH Troy G#2065 D# 340 now SK, as reported by Barry, K2MF.

Per Bob, KA9JAC who spotted Troy’s passing in QST and relayed the information to the County Hunters Net. As Barry pointed out in his note to me, there are many, many GERATOLers, who are also County Hunters.

We wish to extend our condolences to Troy’s family, friends and fellow ham operators who worked him on the net.


As we all know, our hobby has multiple awards, certificates, achievements, etc. that many operators enjoy pursuing. No doubt, chasing down a GERATOL number on 80 Meters, is one of the toughest to achieve.

However, we don’t want to miss an opportunity for you to share other Ham Radio achievements you have accomplished, so feel free to send Kevin, N1KL an email with any Ham Radio related achievements you may have recently completed. We will compile them, and periodically put a POST up on our Website to recognize your achievements.

73, Kevin N1KL

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In this post, we will review the following topics:



The net will launch it’s Fall/Winter session for 2023/24, on Oct 1st at 0100Z on 3.668 Mhz

Don’t forget, Oct 1st, Zulu time, means the net launches on Sept 30th, at 9PM Eastern

Let’s start the net off, and all have a chance just to say hi, and see how we survived the summer months.


Per Frosty, here is the latest NCS Op schedule:


Anyone interested in volunteering as NCS, please contact Frosty, W0FP

Once again, we wish to thank ALL our NCS Ops, past, present and future, for their willingness to withstand rough band conditions, and for keeping the GERATOL Net a viable WAS Net on 80 Meters for 50 years and counting. Well done folks !!


Anyone interested in volunteering to serve in the capacity of Awards Manager, should please contact Frosty, W0FP. Awards manager is an appointed position.

As part of the nomination process for our upcoming election, anyone interested in running for any of the GERATOL Board of Director elected officer positions, including: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary, should make sure to notify the nominating committee, once they are appointed. We will notify the operators soliciting nominations via a POST on our website, and on the net in the weeks ahead of the election.

Sandy, KJ8W our current Treasurer, has announced she will not be running for re-election to the that position. She will remain as Treasurer however, until the upcoming election.


On behalf of the GERATOL Net Chairman who has approved the launch of a new Certificate, we are pleased to announce this new CERTIFICATE will be offered beginning this Fall. It is entitled the “CALL AREA CHALLENGE”

To qualify for this colorful certificate, you must work all call sign formats, in each of the 10 United States call areas. The call sign formats you must work in each call area include:

  • 1×2 example: W0FP
  • 2×2 example: AC0SG
  • 2×1 example: KJ3C
  • 1×3 example: K2DJL
  • 2×3 example: KA4CZL

To complete the requirements for this new certificate, that means you need a total of 5 QSO’s with each call sign format, from all 10 United States call areas, for a grand total of 50 QSO’s. All QSO’s must be made during the net, or on the net frequency of 3.668 Mhz. A template for tracking your progress on the Certificate is now available on our website to download, under the top tool bar, under FILES, then under ADDITIONAL AIDS AND FORMS FOR THE GERATOL NET.

Only QSO’s that take place after 10/1/23 (Zulu time) will be allowed to complete the requirements for this certificate. Also, for 6th and 7th Call Areas, you do not need to work a KH6 or KL7 station, simply work all call sign formats, from the 6th and 7th call areas, as you would for all the others.

The call sign number, must coincide with the call area to count, hence the name for the certificate, CALL AREA CHALLENGE. For example, working K3RI would only qualify for a 1×2 call sign from the third call area. Working K3RI from MA would not qualify for a 1×2 from MA. However, if K3RI is in MA, it would still qualify for the 1×2 from the third call area.

Also, to qualify for the special W1G Endorsement, you must work W1G during it’s activated period, from March 17th through March 23rd. Previous QSO’s with W1G from last season, do not count.

Simply keep track of your progress using the template, and when completed, send it via email or snail mail to Kevin, N1KL who will be issuing the certificate, until a new Awards Manager is designated.

Send email with completed log information to: N1KL@ARRL.NET

Or if you decide to send via snail mail send your completed log form/application to:
Kevin Lynch N1KL
POB 124
Wheelwright, MA 01094

Please be sure to put your call sign, and name on the log form sent. That information, is what will be placed on the certificate. Also, by adding your email address on the form, it would assist in quickly resolving any issues that may arise.

In addition, there will be a special ENDORSEMENT for this certificate. To qualify for the Endorsement, you need to work the special event call sign, “W1G” which will once again be active in 2024 from March 17, 2024 through March 23rd 2024. Previous QSO’s with W1G during 2023 do not qualify for this endorsement. W1G will be operational during the net.

There will be no fee charged for obtaining this certificate, nor for the endorsement. Simply complete the requirements, fill out the log form application, and send it off to Kevin N1KL. A hard copy of the certificate will be mailed to your snail mail address. If your address differs from QRZ database, please make sure Kevin knows the correct address.

Good luck chasing this requirements for this new Certificate, and let’s start the Fall season off with a great showing, this coming Saturday evening.

73, Kevin N1KL GERATOL Website Admin and Public Relations Officer

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Frosty, W0FP and GERATOL Net Chairman, has informed me that our long time, and diligent Awards Manager, Dave – KJ8V is stepping down from his position as AWARDS MANAGER. Dave, has done yeoman work on the entire GERATOL Award process and database.

After inheriting a rather challenging set of data, he worked very hard over several years to insure the continuity of both GERATOL and DIRECTOR numbers, and to confirm the accuracy of historical data, to insure they followed the tradition of the net. He is to be commended for his tireless efforts, and for continuing to provide the AWARDS, ENDORSEMENTS and CERTIFICATES we all enjoy chasing each year. Especially for the folks with new numbers, getting their GERATOL and D numbers, is a rewarding culmination to hard work, and Dave has made that happen for many operators. Much appreciated Dave.

Anyone interested in volunteering to fill this appointed position, should reach out to our Chairman, W0FP to let him know you would be interested. Thanks to Dave’s hard work, the transition to a new Awards Manager should be a seamless effort.


In conjunction with Dave’s retirement as our Awards Manager, Sandy, KJ8W, our current GERATOL NET Treasurer, has also submitted her resignation to Frosty, our Chairman. Once again, we thank Sandy for her efforts as our Net Treasurer for many years, and for both her and Dave’s underwriting of the 50th Anniversary Award, which net members truly enjoyed. Well done, Sandy and Dave.

As Chairman, Frosty can appoint an interim Treasurer, up until a new election is scheduled. This being an odd year, it is an election year. Nominations are typically taken for elected positions, such as Treasurer, in December of the election year. So, this December, if you would like to run for the Treasurer position, now is the time to start planning. In the mean time, if needed, Frosty can appoint an interim Treasurer.

Rumor has it, that both Dave and Sandy plan to spend even more time in Floriday this Winter. God speed to both of them, and we know they will enjoy the warmer climate, (I know I will this year also) and maybe get a chance to relax and not have to worry about net operations this winter.

Again, feel free to pass along your thanks to both Dave and Sandy for their outstanding efforts, and support of our grand old GERATOL Net ! 50- years and counting !! You can make a COMMENT on this POST thanking them, send them a QSL with a thank you, or simply email them.


For those who have been on the net for many years, some of the information shown from this old newsletter sent out by the net, may bring back some fond memories.

For those who may not have been around that long, or who may be new to the net, these old excerpts may make for interesting reading, and provide some additional insight about the net, and it’s humble beginnings.

My thanks to Barry, K2MF for providing copies of these old newsletters, and for agreeing to let us share the content. Barry was the Newsletter author back in the day.

Below is an example of page 1 of an old newsletter, sent out via snail mail. This one from August of 1982. How many of you folks have worked the stations listed below, at one time or another ? Also, note the net frequency, at the time. This frequency was in the Extra Class portion of the band, prior to frequency reallocation by FCC for Extra Class ops.

Here is another excerpt from 1982, explaining how to submit your cards, application, etc. to the ARRL which used to award the Special 75 Meter WAS certificate for the GERATOL Net, which was serialized and became our GERATOL number. Nowadays, of course, our awards manager issues the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, where you get your serialized GERATOL Number. The numbers, following ARRL dropping the award, remain sequential from the last one issued by ARRL.

Here is yet another interesting snapshot from 1982, which shows the last number issued, as of August, 1982. # 677 was issued to Jon, NQ4Z Anyone recognize # 667 ?? Yup, Harlan has been checking into the net for quite some time !! (See below)

Finally, here is a picture (Rough copy from old newsletter, but a nice piece of history) from the 1982 Hamvention at Dayton. The GERATOL gang would try, as they do today, to meet up for an eye ball QSO during the convention. (Note the hippy with the beard in the back row !)

We hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane, and we may publish a few more in the future, since Barry was able to find, copy and send a few more newsletters.


Don’t forget, the net starts up once again, beginning 0100Z on October 1st, (Zulu time of course) so get ready to stop by the net. We are hoping to have our NCS stations from last season on hand, but in case we need to fill some empty slots, simply reach out to Frosty, W0FP and he would be more than happy to put you on his NCS back up list.

Keep an eye out for a new POST, in the coming days, where we will be unveiling a new CERTIFICATE being offered by the net, and which will be challenging, yet fun for all. No G number needed to go for this one, but more to come. Stay tuned !!!

All the best, Kevin N1KL

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Frosty asked me to POST the following information regarding a new GLIST file:

This is a totally new GLIST program, it has all of the original stuff
plus I added an area that shows the military status of the members
GLIST ver 1.10 is brand spanking new
I haven’t released a new update to either the old GLIST ver 1.09
or this new one yet
I will do that a little later.

The old version 1.09 will use Gnumber1.dat
The new version 1.10 will use Gnumber2.dat
They will not work in each other’s program.

73 Frosty W0FP

The new GLIST Version 1.10 is available on the website, under the top menu bar under FILES. Any questions, feel free to reach out to Frosty for additional details.


Don’t wait to finish up that last bit of antenna work, or new rig installation, the GERATOL Net new 2023/24 Season will soon be under way, beginning in October. Same time, 000Z same frequency 3.668 +/- QRM.

If you have not stopped by the net in a while, please do so, just to say hi, and maybe even help some of the folks working very diligently toward their basic award.

We hope to see, errr, I mean HEAR you soon !! Kevin N1KL


I received the following notices from Barry, K2MF about several of our GERATOL colleagues, who became Silent Keys. As always, our condolences to their families and friends, and we will surely miss them all.

  • Ken Ruddock K6HNZ G # 217

  • Jim Bobo W5ODD G # 1099

  • Larry Card W9CC G # 725

Our thanks to Barry for providing us this latest update.

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KI4IG – Tom, SK #1390

It is with sadness, that we learned via Frosty, W0FP we have lost one of our fellow GERATOLers.

Tom, KI4IG from the great state of GA has passed away. Tom’s GERATOL # was 1390. I recall working Tom on the net, with our last QSO in July of 2013. Let us keep Tom, and his family and friends in our thoughts. He will be missed.

RIP Tom, and all our fellow GERATOLers, who are no longer with us.

Kevin N1KL

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