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Well winter has set in here in Northern Michigan and I have time to get back to work on awards information. Some years ago, all of the Geratol Net records for awards issued were thrown out by a disgruntled Awards Manager and I have been working on putting them back together for several years now as time permits. I have all the Geratol and Directors numbers put back together from old records I and some others had. Now I need to get the dates issued for both Geratol and Directors awards. I have worked on this and have resurrected a lot of dates with much help from those award holders. But I am starting this task again on yet more dates.

It may not seem important to some, however, there are members that for many reasons have lost their certificates and they ask for replacement certificates. There is a date issued on certificates and if have those dates it makes the task easier. With that being said I need dates of issue for Geratol and Director awards issued from Geratol Number 1676 through 1900 this time around. Any and all information you can provide will be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance for any and all help in this matter. Please email numbers and dates issued to

Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Happy to report that there were NO Geratoler silent keys listed in the November QST. Dave KJ8V

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New GLIST Version 1.09

Here is the latest GLIST file from Frosty….enjoy

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Congratulations Ron AA8PI

Congratulations Ron AA8PI for completing Directors Award # 788. Ajob well done. Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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I issued Directors Number 788 today. Recipient has been notified and will be on the Net tonight.

Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Help Needed on the Net

The Net needs a couple of volunteers to fill in for Bob AI4IL on Wed. nights for two more nights after tonight and someone to fill in on Tuesday nights until Harv AA4HF gets back on the air as he is under the weather and he does not know for how long. Two active Net Controls can not and should not have to run the Net twice a week. Anyone interested can contact me Dave KJ8V or Frosty W0FP to volunteer. This would be a great opportunity to get your feet wet and become either a back up or full time Net Control. It is fun and you can’t hardly screw up. Frosty and I are on most nights and can help you through any rough spots

Also the Net needs a full time Net Control Coordinator as I am the acting NCC and I really don’t have the time to do this, be a full time Net Control and the Awards Manager. This position helps the Net Control stations in their duties, lines up Net Controls for each season.


Anyone interested in these positions can contact Frosty W0FP or Dave KJ8V.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give for the NET.

Dave KJ8V

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MONDAYWG5NDaleDale is filling in for KE9TC until Ken is able to return
TUESDAYAA4HFHarvHarv needs coverage until he is feeling better.
WEDNESDAYAI4ILBobBob will miss Oct., need volunteers until Nov 1st
FRIDAYKJ8VDaveDave needs coverage last two weeks of Feb & all of March while in FL
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HARA Arena Demolition

Hara Arena, the former venue for Dayton Hamvention® and myriad sports, entertainment, and other presentations over the years, will soon be history. In the wake of a failed attempt to revitalize the tornado-damaged complex, officials in the city of Trotwood, Ohio — where Hara Arena is actually located — announced plans last week to raze the complex and rezone the property from commercial recreation to light industrial.

Many GERATOL Net regulars visited the Hara Arena site of the Hamvention over the years, making sure to take time out from gazing at the new products and forums, to have dinner and an eyeball QSO with follow GERATOLers.

Former Dayton Hamvention Venue Hara Arena is Being Demolished
Former site of Hamvention

“The complex suffered extensive damage during the 2019 Memorial Day tornado outbreak,” the city said in a news release on September 25, taking note of hopes to salvage the complex. “However, redeveloping the property would be a challenge due to the extent of the damage, so the decision was made, and a contract has been secured to demolish the legendary venue.”

Hara Arena had served as the venue for Dayton Hamvention from 1964 until 2016. Hamvention announced in July 2016 that Hara Arena would be closing and that Hamvention would continue. The show is now held at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

Myself and N9SC ventured to the new Hamvention site at the Greene County Fairgrounds. The site was certainly adequate, and the Hamvention team did a nice job working out the “bugs” as they launched their first season at that venue in 2017. While the parking was a bit tricky in the muddy fields, the shuttles taking folks to and from the main venue site worked well on day two.

Over its six-decade history, Hara Arena hosted concerts by performers that included the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead; it was also where hockey legend Wayne Gretzky played his first professional hockey game.

If anyone has any pictures from their previous eyeball QSO’s with follow GERATOLers from the Hara Arena site, feel free to send them to me, and I will post them on the GERATOL Website.

Kevin N1KL


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Awards & Endorsement Info

Great news. The problems with the Awards and Endorsement requirements have been fixed. If you hear Kevin N1KL on the air please thank him for fixing the problems. So it’s back to working on them again. If for some reason you have a question about an Award or Endorsement please send me an email or call me and I will help you through the problem.

Hope everyone has a great season.

Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Net Control Coordinator

The GERATOL net is looking for someone to volunteer as our Net Control Coordinator. At this writing, Bruce, N0HD has decided to retire from the position.

Please take a moment to reply to this post or fire off an email and thank Bruce for his efforts over the last few years, as our NCC. Without volunteers like Bruce, and of course, all of our amazing Net Control Stations, we would have no net at all.

Image result for Ham Radio Operator Cartoons
“Looking for Check-Ins “

For the time being, Dave, KJ8V has agreed to volunteer as the “ACTING” NCC, until someone volunteers to assume that role.

If you are interested in helping insure the GERATOL Net tradition continues, and would like to volunteer for the position of NCC, please contact either Dave, KJ8V or Frosty, W0FP.

Dave, KJ8V can be reached via e-mail:
Dave Ertel, KJ8V #523/2595

Frosty, W0FP can be reached via e-mail:
Frosty Phillips WØFP #2026

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