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We would like to welcome the following new subscribers to our GERATOL Website:

KA8D – Doug from KY
KV8U – Todd from MI
KI4KI – Malcolm from AL
W2BRN – Bryan from TN

Thank you for taking the time to register on the GERATOL Website, and we hope you will check into the net again soon, and say hi to all on the net. Should any of you have any questions about the website and/or the net, don’t hesitate to send me an email with your question to:


No doubt, conditions continue to be a challenge for those folks working toward their basic award. All the more reason, we need to get some new check-ins to the net, and assist those folks who remain determined to get their GERATOL Numbers. For those of us who earned our GERATOL WAS Award, we can all recall, and truly appreciate the stations, especially those who were regulars, and/or folks with GERATOL numbers, who took the time to check into the net, and whom we worked to complete our own awards. They were determined to help those, who like themselves, worked so hard to obtain the necessary QSO’s to complete the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award.

So for those who have not checked into the net in a while, stop by some evening to say hi, and put your respective state in the log books of the several determined folks working on their basic award. Let’s lend a hand shall we ?


We tip our caps !

Time once again to thank our determined Net Control Stations, who deal with QRM/QRN, yet continue to keep the GERATOL Net a viable net, and keep things moving forward, especially for those chasing their basic awards !! WELL DONE GUYS and THANK YOU !!

73, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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A couple of Ham Radio (bad) jokes to end the year:




Last night, for example, I couldn’t fall asleep, the rain kept telling me I was a dummy load !


A series of sobs and tears is Re-Morse Code !


Not sure how she feels though, she keeps sending me MIXED SIGNALS !

All the best in the coming year to all GERATOLers and to all who check the GERATOL Website !!!

73, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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Merry Christmas to all fellow GERATOLers !

Poor Santa

You may wish to put a light on your tower/antenna, so Santa can move about freely this year !!

Another Calendar Year of GERATOL in the log books !!

Just a reminder, as the 2022/2023 Season of the GERATOL Net moves along, we remain in celebration of our 50th year as a Worked All States Net. To that end, the 50th Year Anniversay Certificate, remains available not just through 2022/2023 season end, in March, but throughout the years ahead, as a great way to remember your experiences on the GERATOL Net, and especially as an activity for new check-in folks to work toward a nifty certificate, as they log new states for their basic award. More info on this commemorative certificate, can be found on the GERATOL Website:

Conditions Showing Signs of Improvement

Let’s hope Santa is good to us, as we approach 2023, and conditions on the 80M Band continue to improve, so our ardent basic award candidates, can log a few new states into their log books. To that end, for the long time GERATOLers who have not checked in lately, PLEASE take a few minutes, to check in some evening, bring some cheer in the way of a few QSO’s to those folks working toward their Basic Award.


Once again, we wish to thank our Net Control Stations, for their persistence through QRM/QRN to keep the net alive, and for keeping it the friendliest WAS Net in service today.


Finally, on behalf of the GERATOL Board of Directors, Net Control Stations, Awards Manager and all net officers, we wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Healthy Happy New Year to you and your entire families.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, and 73’s !!

73, Kevin N1KL Website Admin

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As Christmas approaches, many amateur radio clubs carry out an annual tradition of helping kids talk directly to Santa Claus while he is still at the North Pole before his big ride.

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, the Wallingford Amateur Radio Group in Connecticut connected kids to Santa and Mrs. Claus via amateur radio during their Calling Santa event. The group organized the event in cooperation with the Wallingford Health Department, Youth & Social Services, and support from an Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) grant to the Meriden Amateur Radio Club (MARC).

MARC President Dr. Ed Snyder, W1YSM, said this will be the third year for Calling Santa. “The location is ideal for this event,” said Dr. Snyder. “Our communications van is there, and the kids went inside and talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus on a real amateur radio. There was also a fire truck, coloring books, crayons, and allergy-safe snacks.” Each child received a full-color certificate signed by the Clauses.

Already in operation for the 16th consecutive year, The 3916 Nets are hosting the Santa Net on 3.916 MHz. Kids can talk to Santa Claus nightly via amateur radio at 7:00 PM CST now through Christmas Eve, December 24, 2022. The shortwave net welcomes radio amateurs to help their children and grandchildren get on the air to talk to Santa (third-party rules and regulations apply).

The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club, covering the Big Bend area of west Texas and based in Alpine, will have their 15th annual Santa Net ready to go on December 14, 2022. Local 2-meter repeaters are used to make the connection to Santa. The club highlights that “Santa Net introduces kids to ham radio.” The event is promoted through the local elementary school and its teachers. Participants get a candy cane and a card commemorating the radio contact with Santa.

The ARRL Special Event Stations database is updated regularly and includes other Christmas and holiday-themed on-the-air events. You can search the database at, and use keyword searches such as “Christmas” or “holiday.” Fill out the Special Events application form at to add your event.

Our club, the Quaboag Amateur Radio Club, in Western Mass sponsored an event like this years ago, and it was a huge hit with the kids at the pre-school, where we had set up the station, using our local repeater on 220 Mhz. So, if you are members of a club, which may be sponsoring an event such as this, let me know and we can get it some visibility.

Source: ARRL

From: Kevin N1KL

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As many GERATOLers are aware, we have a special endorsement, # 19 for working stations/ops in all 50 states who have a QCWA number. You don’t need a QCWA number yourself, just need to work stations/ops who do have a QCWA number. Many folks on the GERATOL Net, are also QCWA members, and there has always been a strong connection between QCWA and GERATOL.

As the QCWA celebrates their 75th Anniversary, and we continue to celebrate our 50th year in service to the Ham Radio community, they are sponsoring two very special activities, both of which are currently under way.

The first activity: To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the QCWA Special Event Station, W2MM, will operate from 0001 UTC December 3 to 2359 UTC December 10, 2022. Only QCWA members in the US and its territories will have an opportunity to activate W2MM for this event. More information is available at

The second activity: QCWA is also hosting the members-only Worked 75/75 Members Contest from December 5, 2022, through February 18, 2023. The contest encourages QCWA members to contact a minimum of 75 QCWA members during the contest period. All contest entrants will receive a special certificate. Additional information including the rules, and log forms is available at

Those interested in joining the QCWA, if licensed for 25 years or more, can check out all the details at the QCWA website or to look at all the interesting fun facts about the 75 years of QCWA, you can do so by clicking on this link: Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Founded 1947

On behalf of the GERATOL Net, and all it’s members, we would like to extend a SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to the QCWA on your 75th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary QCWA

Kevin N1KL QCWA # 24,589 and GERATOL # 1371

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W7OM G# 1834 now SK

I am very sorry to report that Rod W7OM G# 1834 became a silent key on 11/30/2022.

This from K7SS in a CW group:

From: Dan K7SS <dank7ss@…>
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 7:37 PM
Subject: Sad to report W7OM(SK)

Today we lost a giant of PNW DXing and Contesting, Rod W7OM.

He did not survive a medical procedure.

Just this weekend in the CQWW CW he had over 500 DX Q’s LP and was feeling fine. 

 I dont think there’s been a contest over the last 7 decades that didnt find W7OM in many many logs. 

Rod leaves a big hole in the amateur radio family and will be very missed on the bands by so many. 


Danny K7SS

Thanks to Barry, K2MF for sharing this information on Rod

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To all GERATOLers ! Happy Thanksgiving !! After 50 years as a Worked All States Net, there is no doubt, many friendships have been formed amongst the great folks who checked in and who continue to check into our net.

We hope you all have a relaxing day with family and friends !!

73, Kevin N1KL

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Wayne Hearn WG8U Silent Key

I am sorry to report that Wayne Hearn WG8U, G# 1731 and D# 176 is now a silent key as identified by QRZ. Unfortunately, I can find no other information on his passing.

Barry, K2MF

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Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and hence, we should start getting some improved band conditions as the net rolls along. So, if you have not already done so, take a minute to stop by the net at 0100Z (or 8PM Eastern Time) on 3.668 Mhz to say hi, and perhaps help some of the folks working on their basic award.

Welcome Aboard

We would like to welcome the following Operators to the GERATOL Website. Thanks for taking the time to register folks, and if you have any questions about our website and/or the net, feel free to send me an e-mail at

Welcome to:
Sherrill – KE9UA from the state of IL
John – W3BJ from MD
Larry – W9SX from FL


Just a reminder, the Special 50th Anniversary Certificate, commemorating 50 years of the GERATOL WAS Net, is still available to anyone who wishes to work toward it. No GERATOL # is required to earn this colorful commemorative certificate. (See Example Below)

To achieve the certificate, you must complete the following requirements:

Fifty (50) contacts must be made on the GERATOL Net itself, during an official net session.

One of those 50 contacts must be made with the GERATOL Net Club Station W0NL GERATOL #1M, Frank – AA0ZP Trustee of the GERATOL Club Call. Both Frosty – W0FP and Dave – KJ8V may be contacted to work W0NL, should the trustee, Frank – AA0ZP not be around.  They will email the QSO details to Frank, for him to officially log the contact.

The 50 Stations worked, must have a GERATOL number. However, you DO NOT need to have one to complete the certificate.

Further details on the Certificate as well as blank application forms can be found by clicking on the link below:

The GERATOL Net » GERATOL 50th Anniversary Certificate


Happy Veterans Day to all our fellow GERATOLers who are current and former members of our military. As many are aware, we have an award entitled the VETERAN’S SALUTE AWARD.

You must contact one each U.S. Veteran or Active Duty service member i.e. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard in each of the contiguous 48 states. 240 contacts are required for this award. No QSL cards required. Specifics for the award may be found by clicking on the link below:



Just a reminder, for anyone who has CONTRIBUTOR STATUS, (your call sign must be given when registering on our site for this status) you may make POSTS and/or add your own COMMENTS to POSTS placed on the site. For more information on that, feel free to contact me at


We’ve been flirting with the 300 Registrants mark for months now, on our website. The number ebbs and flows, as some subscribers chose to unsubscribe, but we did crest the 300 mark this week. Again, my thanks to all those who have taken the time to register, and hopefully check on the site periodically.


If anyone has any suggestions, requests or otherwise any input they would like to make about what gets posted on our website, feel free to fire me off a note at:

All the best, and 73’s to all !! Kevin N1KL

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The GERATOL Net remains a unique opportunity for working all states on 80 Meters, and for meeting and getting to know many of the operators who frequent the net each evening. This of course, is due largely, to the dedicated Net Control Stations. Attached you will find the latest list of Net Controllers, and the evenings they are scheduled to run the net.

Please take a minute to respond via a COMMENT to this POST, and thank these ops for their support of the net, which continues to celebrate it’s Fiftieth Year of operations !!! Congrats to ALL GERATOLers, and a special tip of the cap to our Net Controllers for making the net, the most friendly, cordial and fun net on the bands !!

73, and a reminder, the GERATOL Season is under way, so stop by, check in and say hi !! Kevin N1KL

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