75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Endorsement 26

Canadian Operator Initial

Work all Canadian provinces with a station that has an operator initial call sign. Same rules apply as for Endorsement #4.

Work all 13 Canadian Provinces with a station that has an
operator initial callsign (suffix) issued by Canada.
1. 1st letter must be the first or second or nickname initial
2. 2nd letter must be the surname initial
3. All contacts must be after 0000z on 1 October 1992
On the air some Canadians will say that a three letter suffix
that is the initials of the operator, qualify as an Initial Call;
but for the GERATOL Net as this endorsement was originally put
together, only two letter suffix qualifies, as in Endorsement #4.

All Provinces are required, and include:
VE1, Nova Scotia; VE2, Quebec; VE3, Ontario; VE4, Manitoba; VE5, Saskatchewan; VE6, Alberta; VE7, British Columbia; VE8, Northwest Territories; VO1, Newfoundland; VO1, Labrador; VY1, Yukon and VY2-VE1, Prince Edward Island.

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