75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


WORK BOARD AWARD (Work Director Numbers)

Board Award

Requires that you work Geratol members that have a Geratol number and that have a Directors Award certificate. You are NOT required to have a Geratol number to work for this award.

You must use SSB mode of transmission. All contacts must be made after 0100z 1 October 2002. All contacts must be made in the American 75 Meter band between 3.750 and 3.775 Mhz.

After 0501Z December 15, 2006 contacts must be made in the American 75 Meter Extra band between 3.600 and 3.700 Mhz.

Work 150 Directors Award serial numbers for the Board Award certificate. Endorsement stickers available for every 50 serial numbers after obtaining the Board Award certificate.

Apply for this award or it’s endorsements to the Awards Manager.

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