75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net


To qualify for the FIVE STAR AWARD the following is required:

1. A GERATOL Number is required before working toward this award
2. You must exchange GERATOL numbers with 2500 stations
3. Any call sign format qualifies in the U.S or Canada
4. All contacts must be made after 0100Z, November 1, 1972

All QSO’s must be via SSB, and take place in the Extra Class portion of the 80 Meter ham band.

All QSO’s must be made on or after the date you received your GERATOL Number

Note: The contact date on this award is changed in order to provide for Old Timers contacts that have been made on and supported the GERATOL Net since its inception. However, the award is open to any member that holds a GERATOL Number. This award is effective at 0100Z on Oct. 31, 2018.

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