75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Endorsement 29

WPX (worked prefixes)

Work 500 prefixes, using standard net procedure. ALL 50 STATES MUST BE REPRESENTED

Work 500 prefixes.
1. The letter/numeral which form the first part of the call is
considered the prefix
2. If contact is with portable/mobile in another call area then
the portable/mobile designator is disregarded
3. Only U.S. and Canadian calls may be used except as follows:
( A GERATOL number holder who has been issued another country’s call sign and has earned a GERATOL with that call sign will apply, i.e. W1XX/VP9 – VP9XX
4. If a number is not present in the portable designator, a (0) will be assigned, i.e. W1XX/HK would be HK0 and formatted as HK0/W1XX.
5. All contacts must be after 0200z on 1 October 1992

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