75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Endorsement 29

WPX (worked prefixes)

Work 500 prefixes, using standard net procedure. ALL 50 STATES MUST BE REPRESENTED. The following procedures apply:

  1. For this endorsement the letter and numeral combination which forms the first part of the call sign will be considered the prefix, i.e. W1, K1, N2, WA3, KD4, KH6, KL7.
  2. If contact is with portable or mobile operating in another call area, disregard the portable or mobile designator.
  3. Only U. S. and Canadian call signs may be used except for 4 and 5 as follows.
  4. A GERATOL number holder operating from another country and using that country’s designator will be valid.
  5. A GERATOL number holder who has been issued another country’s call sign and has earned a GERATOL with that call sign will apply, i.e. W1XX/VP9 – VP9XX
  6. In 5 above, W1XX/VP9 shall count as VP9 and formatted on application as VP9/W1XX.
  7. If a number is not present in the portable designator, a (0) will be assigned, i.e. W1XX/HK would be HK0 and formatted as HK0/W1XX.

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