75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net



Requires that you work a Canadian station in each of the ten (10) provinces and in one (1) of the Canadian Territories. Contact must be in the American Extra Class 75 meter phone band. Any Canadian callsign format is permitted.

You must use SSB mode of transmission. All 11 contacts must be made after 0300z 1 February 2000 and confirmed via QSL card.

The ten (10) required Provinces are – Newfoundland/Labrador – New Brunswick – Nova Scotia – Prince Edward Island – Quebec – Ontario – Manitoba – Saskatchewan – Alberta – British Columbia.

One (1) territory required of the 3 available Territories: – Northwest Territory – Yukon Territory – Nunavut Territory.

LOG_EQF or WIN-EQF logging program does NOT place an abbreviation for the Canadian province into the STATE field. You must place this Canadian province abbreviation in the STATE field manually, in order for this GNEC program to work correctly. The abbreviations are:

		Alberta              - AB      British Columbia - BC
		Labrador             - LAB     Manitoba         - MB
		New Brunswick        - NB      Newfoundland     - NL
		Nova Scotia          - NS      Ontario          - ON
		Prince Edward Island - PE      Quebec           - QC
		Saskatchewan         - SK

		Northwest Territory  - NT      Yukon Territory  - YT
		Nunavut Territory    - NU

We have used the NEW official Canadian province and territory two letter abbreviations; except for Labrador. Officially Labrador and Newfoundland were combined into one province; however, the Geratol net has a Canadian Initial Call endorsement that has Labrador as a separate requirement; thus, we left the
Labrador abbreviation as LAB rather that the official NL. In using these new abbreviations, the EQF log files must be checked and changed for Newfoundland, Prince Edward, Quebec, and Northwest Territory.

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