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Happy to report there were NO Geratoler Silent Keys reported in the Feb. QST. Dave KJ8V

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NCS Needed for the following dates

As I will be out of town The Net needs someone to fill in on the following dates. February 12th, 19th, 26th. Also March 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.

Hopefully some one will step forward and help the Geratol Net run.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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Hello fellow GERATOLers. I know many of you have posted “Comments” to several posts. We have had an issue with some of the security settings, and have discovered the COMMENTS that many of you have made, were ending up in a “pending” folder.

See the source image

Al and I prefer to err on the side of site safety, and hence, keep your email accounts safe and secure from any SPAMMERS. Now that we know what the issue has been, PLEASE don’t be bashful about placing COMMENTS on any of our POSTS, and we will see to it, they get attached to the POST ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep those “COMMENTS” coming guys…

Kevin N1KL

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As part of our ongoing series on the 50 states, this POST will cover the state of New Hampshire, which was the 9th state to formally ratify the United States constitution, following South Carolina and just ahead of Virginia.

Official seal of New Hampshire
N.H Seal

Quite often, as we work the fifty states for awards and/or endorsements, we may not be aware of some of the fun facts associated with those states. This series focuses on some historical, as well as fun facts about our fifty states.

As part of the New England states, New Hampshire is boarded on the west by Vermont, on the south by Massachusetts and to the east by Maine. It also has a beautiful coast line, along the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, to the far north region of N.H. it boarders Canada, province of Quebec.

New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state, in terms of physical size and is the 10th least populous. The southern part of New Hampshire, over the last 25-30 years, has been invaded by residents of Massachusetts, attempting to escape income and sale taxes in MA, drastically changing the demographics of the state.

The state motto is; “Live Free or Die” and it is proudly displayed on several state emblems, and has even been part of their automobile license plates.

Image result for live free or die license plate

New Hampshire’s nickname is “The Granite State” referring to the extensive granite formations and quarries. Another state landmark, which appeared on the commemorative “state” quarters, “The Old Man of the Mountain” was a series of five granite cliff ledges on Cannon Mountain. Sadly, the old man grew tired of his perch, and has since sloughed off the side of Cannon Mountain, and is no longer there.

Image result for new hampshire old man in the mountain
Old Man of the Mountain

Fun facts about New Hampshire:
1. New Hampshire, was named after Hampshire County in England
2. In 1776, New Hampshire became the first colony to create a constitution and declare its independence from Great Britain
3. Ground winds as high as 231 mph were recorded atop the peaks of Mt. Washington on April 12, 1934. This remained a world record until 1996.
4. New Hampshire has the shortest coastline of any U.S. state. The coastline is just 18 miles long.
5. New Hampshire is one of the thirteen original colonies. It was initially named “North Virginia,” then “New England” and finally “New Hampshire.”
6. Cornish-Windsor Bridge in New Hampshire is the longest wooden covered bridge and the longest two-span covered bridge in the world. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge is approximately 449 feet (137 m) long and 24 feet (7 m) wide, and links NH to VT spanning over the Connecticut River.

Starting Jan. 4, 2021, the bridge will be closed to traffic for one week, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Cornish-Windsor Bridge

7. A local CCC camp in Stark, N.H. was transformed into a POW camp and approximately 250 German and Austrian prisoners were held there between 1944 and 1946

8. The only FAA-approved ice runway in the lower 48 states is a stretch of New Hampshire’s Winnipesaukee’s lake water. Formerly known as the Alton Bay Seaplane Base, it was first opened to airplane traffic in 2009. The runway is 2,730 feet long and 100 feet wide.

We hope you have enjoyed some of the history and fun facts about the Granite State. Feel free to drop a “comment” regarding this post, or any of our State Information posts, and let us know what other facts you can share about our wonderful 50 states !!

73 for now, Kevin N1KL

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Thank you to three Geratolers for stepping up to help run the Net. Thanks to Dan K2DJL for volunteering to run the net for the next two Monday nights. Thank you to Steve AC9GK for volunteering to run the net on the remaining Monday nights through the end of the season. Also thank you to JJ W5RJJ for volunteering to run the net if required. What a great bunch of Geratolers.

If you hear these guys on, be sure to thank them for stepping up to the plate. I personally can not hank them enough. Great job guys.

Dave KJ8V Acting NCS coordinator.

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Happy New Year !! 🎉

To all GERATOLers far and wide, we would like to wish you a Happy, and above all, Healthy New Year !! For many of us, we can’t wait to put the year 2020 in our rear view mirrors !!

Here’s to a great 2021, without pandemics, pestilence or poor propagation !!

See the source image

Since we are celebrating the coming of a new year, and the passage of time, here are some photos of some Ham Radio gear from years gone by. See if you can identify any of the following rigs, and/or manufacturers.
(There is a description of the various rigs shown, following the last picture)

See the source image
Rig # 1

Image result for Old Ham Radio Equipment
Rig # 2

Rig # 3

See the source image
Rig # 4

See the source image
Rig # 5

Image result for pictures of old ham radio equipment
Rig # 6

See the source image
Rig # 7

See the source image
Rig # 8

See the source image
Rig # 9

My Gonset G-50
Rig # 10

Details for Rigs listed above, starting with Rig # 1:

RG # 1 Drake R4C; Manufactured by the R.L. Drake company.

Drake logo

This receiver was used in tandem with the Drake T-4XC Transmitter. It was capable of receiving SSB, CW, AM and RTTY. It was the third generation of the receiver; it’s predecessors were the Drake R4, R4-A and R4-B.

Rig # 2 Johnson Valiant Transmitter; Manufactured by the E. F. Johnson company.

See the source image

This transmitter was manufactured circa 1955-1962 and was capable of Modes: AM/CW, Bands: 160 – 10 meters, Input Power: 200 watts (AM), 275 watts (CW), VFO: Internal, Power Supply: Internal
Final Tubes: ( 3 ) 6146 parallel, Modulator: ( 2 ) 6146 push-pull

Rig # 3 Ameco AC-1 Transmitter, manufactured by AMECO Company

See the source image

This transmitter was sold as a kit, and was a popular rig for Novice operators, looking to terrorize the HF bands on 80 and 40M CW. I bought mine at Lafayette Radio in Natick, MA for around $25.00 Wound my own coils, and found the Novice band crystals at local ham fests ! What a blast.

Rig # 4 Heathkit SB101 Transceiver; Manufactured and sold as a kit by the Heathkit Company out Benton Harbor, Michigan

See the source image

Heathkit rigs were designed to emulate the look and feel of the more expensive, Collins equipment. The SB-101 was an 80-10M CW/SSB Transceiver. 180W PEP on SSB, circa 1967-1970

Rig # 5 Collins KWM-2 Transceiver; Manufactured by the Collins Radio Company. Today, known as Rockwell Collins Inc.

See the source image

This transceiver is still sought after by many old time radio enthusiasts. I got my first chance at using one, while stationed at NCTC Naval training center in Pensacola, FL. What an amazing rig it was, and still is to this day. It operated 80-10 Meters, with SSB and CW. Output was 100W PEP (nominal)

Rig # 6 The Yaesu FT101 Transceiver; Manufactured by Yaesu Corporation

See the source image

This transceiver was a solid state rig, except for the finals. It also employed the use of various modular elements, which could be removed from the rig for repair, and/or sent back to manufacturer for repair. Upon graduating from college, my wife purchased this rig for me, as a graduation present, and I used it up until I purchased an ICOM IC-735, at which time, I gave it to my Dad, WA1EJY who used it for many, many years. The rig had an output of around 130W PEP, and was extremely rugged and forgiving. It operated 160 through 10, on SSB, AM and CW.

Rig # 7 Heathkit Apache Transmitter, Manufactured by the Heathkit Company of Michigan. The rig operated AM and CW, and was sold circa 1958-1960 and sold at the time for a whopping $230.

See the source image

It had input of around 150W on AM and 180W on CW and the transmitter weighed in at a hefty, 103 lbs. !!! I saw one of these in MINT restored condition at the Tampa, FL Hamfest a few years ago, and was tempted to barter with the owner, but remembered I only had so much room in our car for the return trip to MA !! LOL !

Rig # 8 NCX-3 Transceiver, manufactured by the National Radio Company of Malden, MA.

See the source image

The rig only operated on 80/40/20 Meters, but had an output of 200W and could operate SSB, CW and AM with the latter output reduced to 30W. It had VOX or PTT, a 5200 KC (now khz) filter and bandwidth of 2.5KC at 6db

Rig # 9 R390A Receiver; The one pictured was manufactured by the Collins Radio Company

See the source image

For those of you ex-service guys who were in communications, I bet this receiver brings back memories from the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s era. Total production of the R-390A is over 55,000 units. Initial production started in 1955 and ran through approximately 1970. The receiver was manufactured for our military by a variety of manufacturers including: Collins, Motorola, Capehart, Stewart Warner, Fowler Industries and Electronic Assistance Corp. I recall, as a Navy intercept operator in training, having to spend many hours listening to CW on an R390A

Rig # 10 Gonset Communicator G-50 6 Meter AM Transceiver, Manufactured by Gonset Corp

See the source image

The rig operated on 6 Meter AM, covering the entire 50-54 Mhz and putting out 50W. The rig was popular during the mid 60’s, when the 6 Meter band was open every day. With openings so regular, I recall having a sked with a fellow ham in Iowa during my summer vacation.

Feel free to place a “Comment” on this POST and let us know what rigs you recall using over the years, and perhaps, which ones you are using today.


Kevin, N1KL Website Administrator

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Dale WG5N has left his hone for 13 weeks on a trip with his wife. Due to this we need an NCS to start running the Net starting January 18 through the end of the season. I am going to run it tonight and Dan K2DJL will run the Net the following two Monday nights. After that NO one is signed up to run it on Monday nights through the end of the season. Even if you could run it for a few weeks it would help.

Also I will be gone from Feb. 12th through April 1st. and some one will have to pick up Friday nights during my absence. So guys, belly up to the bar and help out. It’s actually pretty easy and fun.

Thanks for any support you can offer to keep the Net going.

Dave KJ8V Acting NCS Coordinator

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Merry Christmas !

First and foremost, may we wish all GERATOLers a very Merry Christmas, and hope that all may engage in some measure of Christmas spirit with family and friends, in this challenging year of 2020.

Santa, checking into the GERATOL Net


From our Chairman, Frosty – W0FP: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay Safe, Wear a Mask and stay 6 feet away from Others

From our Secretary, Frank – AA0ZP: To all GERATOLers, Wishing all of you a big batch of Propagation and a bag full of new contacts.  AA0ZP – Secretary Frank Taylor

From our Treasurer and Awards Manager, Sandy – KJ8W & Dave – KJ8V:
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Sandy and Dave !

A Ham Radio Christmas Poem:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shack
The rig was turned off and the mic cord lay slack

The antenna rotor had made its last turn, the tubes in the linear
had long ceased to burn.

I sat there relaxing and took off my specs, preparing to daydream of
Armchair DX– When suddenly outside I heard such a sound, I dashed
out the door and looked all around.

The moon shone down brightly and lighted the night. For sure
propagation for the low bands was right.

I peered toward the roof where I heard all the racket and there was
some guy in a red, fur-trimmed jacket!

I stood there perplexed in a manner quite giddy: Just who WAS this
stranger? di di dah dah di dit ditty ?

He looked very much like an FCC guy who’d come to check up on some
bad TVI.

I shouted to him: “Old man…QR-Zed?”
“Hey you by the chimney all dressed up in red!”

I suddenly knew when I heard sleigh bells jingle
The guy on the rooftop was Jolly Kris Kringle

He had a big sack full of amateur gear; which was a BID load
for his prancing reindeer.
Transmitters, receivers, for cabinets and racks
Some meters and scopes and a lot of coax.

He said not a word ’cause he’d finished his work.
He picked up his sack and he turned with a jerk.
As he leaped to his sleigh, he shouted with glee
And I knew in a moment he’d be QRT.

I heard him transmit as he flew o’er the tree
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all seventy-three.”

“Ho Ho Ho” Reporting for Amateur Radio Newsline, I’m Jim Damron, N8TMW.

Author: Unknown; Source; Amateur Radio Newsline

From the Website Administrator and Webmaster:

On behalf of Al, AE2T and myself, N1KL, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank you to all who have registered on the GERATOL Website this past year. Welcome aboard, and to those who have been loyal members, thank you very much !! Kevin, N1KL

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Merry Christmas to all Geratolers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Geratolers from Dave KJ8V and Sandy KJ8W. We did ask Santa for better band conditions for Xmas.

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Postal Service Problems

The reason for the Jan. 8th date is that the Lady I talked to in Washington from the Postal Service advised me not to send any packages (mailing tubes) until this date. She said they should have all of the Christmas mail out of the way by then. Seems like they have a lot bigger problem than they are letting on to. I have a package coming to me that was mailed on 12-3-2020 coming from southern Ohio and it just now (according to the tracking) got out of Granville PA. with no expected delivery date. Go figure.

Any way your awards will still be processed the same day that I receive them and I will let you know via email or a phone call. I will have all certificates done the same day as I get your application but wont mail them until Jan 8th. Thanks for your patience.

Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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