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Stop Spammers Allow Requests

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are thousands of ‘bots’ out there trying to find a way to get into web sites like this one so they can fill the forums up with spam advertisements.

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you might get caught up in the detection measures we have to use. This is what we see:

There is one thing we rely on to tell which of those requests are legitimate. A callsign. Many of us have our call in our email address, but not everyone does. If you just put your callsign in the message you leave, we’d be able to approve it instantly.


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Files links are fixed

Some errors that were occurring with the links on the Files section have been fixed.

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Website Donations

The Geratol Net has agreed to help pay for the Net’s website Domain name and WordPress Operating System each quarter of the year. Al AE2T has paid this for out of his own pocket for years and the Net decided it would be a good thing for the net to relieve Al of this burden. Kevin N1KL took over the maintenance and improvements from Al and Al has generously agreed to help Kevin with the Website maintenance and features. With that being said Sandy and I have taken responsibility of paying Al and it was decided to ask for donations to achieve this goal each quarter. We have received a $20.00 donation from KJ8V/KJ8W and a $5.00 dollar donation from W4WLF so far. So if ya have an extra buck please send it to me and if it’s a check make it payable to Dave Ertel and we will get the funds to Al. Even if we don’t get enough Sandy and I will pay Al. If we get more than the $60.00 Sandy will keep it in a fund for the future payment for the Website. If you hear Kevin on please thank him for all of the work he has put into the improving the Website. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave KJ8V

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