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As previously posted, we will be featuring information about our 50 States. As a Worked All States net, it may be interesting to some, to refresh their memories about the states we hear and/or work on the net. We start the series off with Delaware, often referred to as the “FIRST” state.

Delaware is known as the first state in the United States because it was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution that formed the U.S. government. Prior to this unification, the 13 colonies were all under British rule.


Delaware’s history, however, stretches back much father than its position as the first state. The first Europeans to settle the region were the Dutch, in 1631. They set up a trading post in the area, within a year, however, the original settlers were dead from conflicts with local Indian tribes. In 1638, the Swedes successfully established Fort Christina, the first permanent settlement in Delaware. The Dutch settled in the Delaware Valley again in 1651, establishing New Castle and eventually capturing Fort Christina. After changing hands a few more times, the settlement came under permanent English control in 1674.

DE State Flag

Delaware shares a semi-circular border with Pennsylvania. The border was drawn at the time of the original land grants to William Penn from King Charles II and the Duke of York.

The Lady Bug is Delaware’s official state bug.

The Blue Hen chicken is the official state bird. The hens were noted for their fighting ability. Delaware is sometimes referred to as the Blue Hen State.

DE State Bird and Flower

The peach blossom is Delaware’s official state flower and has prompted Delaware’s nickname as the peach state.

Delaware nicknames include:

The First State; The Small Wonder; Blue Hen State; The Diamond State

So when working a Delaware station, you can dazzle them with your knowledge of their state. Have fun.

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