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Minutes of the BOD Meeting – 30 Oct. 2012

The Chairman (W0FP) called the meeting to order at 2041 CST, on 30 Oct 2012.

A roll-call was taken with the following board members being present: W0FP, AA0ZP, KJ8V, KJ8W, N8OR, and AI4IL. Members absent were: VE3SIQ, W4WDH, and K7OC. A quorum was present.

W0FP made a motion to allow remote operation for the purpose of working numbers for endorsement purposes only. AA0ZP seconded the motion. The board was asked if there was any discussion; there was none. Following a roll-call vote, the motion was passed by unanimous vote.

Motion to adjourn was made following a call for any further business. AA0ZP seconded the motion and all present voted to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 2044CST .

Respectfully submitted, Frank Taylor, AA0ZP, Geratol Net Secretary.

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