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Tip Your Hat
We Tip Our Hats to the NCS Ops

As the 2020-2021 GERATOL Season comes to a close, (April 30th) we would like to take a minute to thank ALL of the great Ops who have taken the time, and made the effort to serve as Net Control Stations.

Clearly, this season posed many challenges to our NCS Ops, given the conditions we experienced, yet they managed to muddle through, and provide MANY of our newer members an opportunity to make QSO’s with multiple states each evening. They also gave the regulars a chance to say hi, grab that new “D” number or just put a few more QSO’s in the log, to help complete an Endorsement. In addition, due to scheduling challenges, many of our NCS Ops had to fill in rather unexpectedly at various times, to insure there was a net on the air each evening.

Early radio ham operators trying to make contact with other members of the fraternity.

As GERATOLers, we wanted to express our gratitude to each and every one of you, who fought through the QRM, relied on relay stations and sheer listening skills, to keep the GERATOL Net alive this season.

We would like to especially send out a HUGE thank you, to our GERATOL Chairman of the board, Frosty, W0FP who manned the controls many, many evenings in addition to his regular Sunday evening slot. He also provided relay support on countless nights, taking advantage of his combined “center of the country location” and “excellent station configuration” to give those running the net, an extra pair of ears.

Also, for the regular check-ins, thank you all as well for your persistence, and for keeping the net alive, by putting your respective states on the air, allowing the new folks to make contacts, and hence progress toward the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award. aka the GERATOL Award.

Here is to hoping next season, the 2021-2022 Season, (Oct 1st) brings improved conditions to the all the bands, but especially the 80M Band. Next year will mark the 50th Anniversary of the GERATOL Net, so don’t be surprised, if we see some news in the off season about that milestone, and let’s all have a GREAT summer….enjoy the outdoors and get that long awaited antenna work completed, so we can kick off next season with a BANG !

So, as the season winds down, take a minute either on the air, or via a COMMENT to this POST to thank all of our NCS Operators…..Well Done Guys !!

73, Kevin N1KL Website Administrator

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