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Women On The Radio


Listen for a special team of YLs from around the world this month. They’re not just on the air to collect QSL cards, as Jeremy Boot G4NJH explains.

“An international team of YLs is working together through the month of November to put the first “Women on the Radio” Award in the logbooks – as many logbooks as possible. The award and the inaugural event behind it are the creations of Angeles EC1YL who is the founder of the international group Women on the Radio, in cooperation with Erica IZ-ZERO-EIK (IZ0EIK), the editor of QTC magazine which is produced by the Italian Radio Amateurs Union.”

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Women Radio Ops During WWII

The significance of this event being run through November is also to publicize the United Nation’s ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’ on November the 25th.

Hams, especially YLs, are encouraged to compete for this award by gathering at least 60 points through contacts with any of the 13 members of the team. They include YLs in the UK, the Philippines, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Chile and the United States.

They are calling “CQ CQ Women on the Radio Award.” For additional details visit w-o-t-r-a dot home dot blog (

Source: Amateur Radio Newsline – Jeremy Boot G4NJH.

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