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A message from the Awards Manager

Dave sent this out on the Yahoo Group and I thought it was such essential information to the net, I’m reposting it here…

First and foremost, if you hear Jess or Patti on the air be sure and thank them or maybe even send them an email thanking them for all they did for the Net.

The awards are already to go. Frosty worked really hard and came up with a way to create the rectangular endorsement stickers so no more round ones. If you would like a rectangular sticker replacement for one of the round endorsement stickers just send the round one to me with an SASE and I will send you one of the rectangular stickers to replace it. Please thank Frosty for what he has done for the Net.

I am rebuilding all of the awards records and it ain’t easy. All records will be compiled into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with appropriate headings. I and the Net can really use your help as over the years the awards records of the Geratol Net have either been lost or destroyed. I have endorsement records from the beginning through 1997, however, there is a big gap between 1997 and when Jess took over as awards manager. I would ask you that if you have the records for any endorsements that you have completed could you please email, call or write to me with the Endorsement number, date of issue and serial number of the endorsement if any. That way I can start piecing the records back together. I do have all of the records for Geratol numbers and Directors numbers issued except for date of issue for most, however if you could send me the date of issue for your G# and D# it would really help. All of the Award and Endorsement records will be placed on a CD and two of the Officers will have copies that will be periodically updated with new info. That way we won’t have go through this process again with a change of the Awards Manager. I have talked with three of the past Award Manager’s and only one had any records. Thanks to John WM9U for sending me all the info he had from when he took over in 1996 to April of 1997.

If you hear John on (he told me is going to try to get his antenna back up and get on) please thank him for his effort. Also Ray K1HG and Bruce AA5CO really made a great effort to find info so thank them also.

A tip for those applying for their Geratol Award (Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award or Basic Award as it sometimes called). I have found that the best way to send your cards is to send them in a Priority Mail small flat rate box which is a 5 3/8″ X 8 5/8″ X 1 5/8″ box. That way you can request a tracking number. If you want your cards returned just include the amount of postage you payed along with the awards fee of Ten dollars and I will send your cards back to you the same way with a tracking number. Also, please make all checks payable to Dave Ertel as the Net does not have a checking account.

Looking forward to the Net starting in a couple of weeks and taking care of the awards.

Very best 73 to all.

Dave KJ8V

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