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Need Alaska for 50/50

I am in need of a contact with Alaska. It is the last state I need to qualify for my 50/50 award.

Do we have any Alaska stations out there willing to make a sked or any suggestions on Alaska operators I may contact ?

My Alaska connections either do not respond, have antennas that are currently down or are no longer on 80 meters.

Thanks in advance for any help, and/or suggestions. 73 Steve Stuckey AC9GK. You can contact me via e-mail at:

Or you may simply reply to this POST via the “Comments”

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3 Responses to “Need Alaska for 50/50”

  1. Kevin says:

    I am sure Steve is not the only member of the net looking to work AK. Any support the other net members can provide, in terms of ops he may contact, etc. would be much appreciated by Steve and I am sure the folks working on their basic !! Good luck Steve Kevin N1KL

  2. WW8X says:

    I worked AL7TC (Terry Clark) for the 50/50 award on 4/8/18 at 0502Z. He worked a number of we Geratol guys on that evening. You may want to shoot him an email, if you haven’t already.
    Joe WW8X

  3. ac9gk says:

    Thanks all I have him worked.