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As the season winds down…

As the Geratol Net season runs down and summer approaches, I’d like to take a minute to say a couple things here.

It’s never a bad time to thank those who volunteer. The net has some dedicated people who have performed duties for the net. Some have stepped down. Others have stepped in to take up the slack. Whether they are officers of the net, NCS stations, Awards or QSL Managers, if you’ve enjoyed your time on the net, it’s due to their efforts. Remember to thank them, whether on the air, an email, or drop them a QSL with a note.

Dayton will soon be upon us again. I’m sure the net will be represented there as usual. If you’re going, check the Yahoo page for details and to hook up with the crew.

Thanks for you input to the web page. The domain change to went well, but I somehow never noticed a bunch of images that never got their links updated. I think they’ve been corrected now, but if you notice one that doesn’t work, please let me know – with sufficient detail to find it – and I’ll correct it.

Enjoy your spring and summer. Before we know it, it will be fall and time for the net to start again.

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