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Back on the net

I’ve been getting on the net once or twice a week since the New Year. Not really a resolution, but something I should have done sooner. I’ve been having a great time meeting new people and old friends alike.

I haven’t been totally off the air, just inactive. I retired a few years ago, younger than I would have liked and not by choice, but enjoying it anyway. It gives me more time to work with the High School robotics team I mentor.

I lost a lot of my logs a few years ago with a hard drive crash. I had worked several hundred numbers for the Directors Award and was going to submit them and get a bunch of 100 multiples stickers at once. I shouldn’t have procrastinated…

So, I’m starting from scratch and working everyone again from scratch. I don’t mind, I’m having fun doing it. The Board Award didn’t exit back then, so I’m working towards that too.

Anyway, I’ll see you on the net!

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