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Frosty, W0FP and GERATOL Net Chairman, has informed me that our long time, and diligent Awards Manager, Dave – KJ8V is stepping down from his position as AWARDS MANAGER. Dave, has done yeoman work on the entire GERATOL Award process and database.

After inheriting a rather challenging set of data, he worked very hard over several years to insure the continuity of both GERATOL and DIRECTOR numbers, and to confirm the accuracy of historical data, to insure they followed the tradition of the net. He is to be commended for his tireless efforts, and for continuing to provide the AWARDS, ENDORSEMENTS and CERTIFICATES we all enjoy chasing each year. Especially for the folks with new numbers, getting their GERATOL and D numbers, is a rewarding culmination to hard work, and Dave has made that happen for many operators. Much appreciated Dave.

Anyone interested in volunteering to fill this appointed position, should reach out to our Chairman, W0FP to let him know you would be interested. Thanks to Dave’s hard work, the transition to a new Awards Manager should be a seamless effort.


In conjunction with Dave’s retirement as our Awards Manager, Sandy, KJ8W, our current GERATOL NET Treasurer, has also submitted her resignation to Frosty, our Chairman. Once again, we thank Sandy for her efforts as our Net Treasurer for many years, and for both her and Dave’s underwriting of the 50th Anniversary Award, which net members truly enjoyed. Well done, Sandy and Dave.

As Chairman, Frosty can appoint an interim Treasurer, up until a new election is scheduled. This being an odd year, it is an election year. Nominations are typically taken for elected positions, such as Treasurer, in December of the election year. So, this December, if you would like to run for the Treasurer position, now is the time to start planning. In the mean time, if needed, Frosty can appoint an interim Treasurer.

Rumor has it, that both Dave and Sandy plan to spend even more time in Floriday this Winter. God speed to both of them, and we know they will enjoy the warmer climate, (I know I will this year also) and maybe get a chance to relax and not have to worry about net operations this winter.

Again, feel free to pass along your thanks to both Dave and Sandy for their outstanding efforts, and support of our grand old GERATOL Net ! 50- years and counting !! You can make a COMMENT on this POST thanking them, send them a QSL with a thank you, or simply email them.


For those who have been on the net for many years, some of the information shown from this old newsletter sent out by the net, may bring back some fond memories.

For those who may not have been around that long, or who may be new to the net, these old excerpts may make for interesting reading, and provide some additional insight about the net, and it’s humble beginnings.

My thanks to Barry, K2MF for providing copies of these old newsletters, and for agreeing to let us share the content. Barry was the Newsletter author back in the day.

Below is an example of page 1 of an old newsletter, sent out via snail mail. This one from August of 1982. How many of you folks have worked the stations listed below, at one time or another ? Also, note the net frequency, at the time. This frequency was in the Extra Class portion of the band, prior to frequency reallocation by FCC for Extra Class ops.

Here is another excerpt from 1982, explaining how to submit your cards, application, etc. to the ARRL which used to award the Special 75 Meter WAS certificate for the GERATOL Net, which was serialized and became our GERATOL number. Nowadays, of course, our awards manager issues the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award, where you get your serialized GERATOL Number. The numbers, following ARRL dropping the award, remain sequential from the last one issued by ARRL.

Here is yet another interesting snapshot from 1982, which shows the last number issued, as of August, 1982. # 677 was issued to Jon, NQ4Z Anyone recognize # 667 ?? Yup, Harlan has been checking into the net for quite some time !! (See below)

Finally, here is a picture (Rough copy from old newsletter, but a nice piece of history) from the 1982 Hamvention at Dayton. The GERATOL gang would try, as they do today, to meet up for an eye ball QSO during the convention. (Note the hippy with the beard in the back row !)

We hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane, and we may publish a few more in the future, since Barry was able to find, copy and send a few more newsletters.


Don’t forget, the net starts up once again, beginning 0100Z on October 1st, (Zulu time of course) so get ready to stop by the net. We are hoping to have our NCS stations from last season on hand, but in case we need to fill some empty slots, simply reach out to Frosty, W0FP and he would be more than happy to put you on his NCS back up list.

Keep an eye out for a new POST, in the coming days, where we will be unveiling a new CERTIFICATE being offered by the net, and which will be challenging, yet fun for all. No G number needed to go for this one, but more to come. Stay tuned !!!

All the best, Kevin N1KL

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  1. wg5n says:

    THANK YOU Dave and Sandy for all the work ya’ll have done for the GERATOL Net in the positions you held. I appreciate ya’ll and wish you the best in going forward!