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Featured Member – Leon K0LU

Featured GERATOL Member – Leon K0LU G# 2330

Many of the regular check-ins to the net have had the pleasure of working this gentleman, not only from his home QTH station in Regent, North Dakota, but from his rather “unique” mobile station.                                                 Namely, Leon’s “Tractor Mobile”

Leon’s Latest Mobile Unit – 600 HP Quad Track

As a grain farmer in North Dakota, Leon spends countless hours keeping his family farm in working order.  However, he gets creative during those night farming chores, by running his TS-480 with a screwdriver antenna in  his tractor as he completes his farming duties.

Leon was first licensed in 1966 as WN0NZO.  His first station was comprised of a Knight Kit T50, CW crystal controlled 50 Watt transmitter, in line with a Hammarland HQ110 receiver.  Leon got started in the hobby with a little help from his Elmer, Jim WA0LEU, now W0LU.  The lifeblood of the hobby remains in how we help each other through Elmering and supporting the interest level of the new folks.


Knight Kit 50 Watt Xmtr and Hammarlund HQ110 Rcvr


Over the years he remained very active in the hobby completing several milestones, including:  WAS, WAC, WAZ and DXCC Honor Roll.  He was also active with the YLISSB System, SkyWarn and Navy Mars as:  NNN0QDH for 40 years.  Like many of us, Leon recalls his first DX QSO, with VK3RJ on 15 meters in 1966 using cw and a vertical antenna with 50 watts xtal controlled transmitter.  The moons had to align to accomplish that back then, the DX needed to be on the same frequency where you had your xtal !!  No VFO, no DX Spotting Network, just patience and some decent band conditions.  Leon has worked a ton of DX since that first DX QSO, but his most enjoyable he says, have been from his Tractor Mobile.  He recalls working both England and Ireland from his Tractor Mobile on 80 Meters !!!

While he does enjoy DX, he also likes other aspects of the hobby, including a good old fashioned rag chew, meeting with his local club group and checking into some nets once in a while.  We are certainly appreciative of his participation in the GERATOL Net,  putting North Dakota in many log books over the years, getting those working on the basic one step closer.

Outside of Ham Radio, in addition to working with his family on their farm, (Yes, Leon’s XYL also operates some of those massive farm machines – check out Leon’s QRZ page to see some of the equipment), Leon enjoys downhill skiing and traveling with his XYL.

In addition to farming, Leon also had a side line operating two-way radio shop.  He’s married with 2 children and 7 grandchildren, and he’s been married for 48 years and he really likes living in the country on the farm.  Checking out those pictures on his QRZ page, we can all see why he enjoys it so much.  Absolutely amazing scenes from the farm, and talk about wide open space for antennas !!!  WOW !

If he wants to put up a tower and the xyl is ok with it, he puts it up. No zoning ordinances or association hassles to deal with.   He says he only have 5 towers!  ha ha…..I guess 5 and counting eh ?



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2 Responses to “Featured Member – Leon K0LU”

  1. Kevin says:

    Leon, thanks for your contribution to Amateur Radio, and Navy Mars, as well as you and your family being so dedicated to the agriculture business. Not to mention all the GERATOL log books that have North Dakota in them, thanks to you… Kevin N1KL

  2. K0FD says:

    Leon, Love the pictures of your novice rig. I was also licensed in 1966 as WN9RLZ. I had a similar setup running a Knight T-60 and a HQ-170. Went through my novice qsl cards but did not find one from you. 73, Dan K0FD