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Featured GERATOL Member; N0HD


As part of our efforts to get to know the GERATOL leadership, net control stations and members in general, our focus for this post is none other than our Net Control Coodinator, and regular Net Controler, Bruce – N0HD.

Bruce states that his job as Net Control Coordinator is to insure we have a designated Net Control Station for each shift of the GERATOL net. He also points out that he does this with a heavy dose of assistance from both Dave – KJ8V and Frosty – W0FP. He also makes sure the NCS stations are compensated appropriately, which consists only of the sincere gratitude of those who check into the net.

Bruce was first licensed in 1976 as a Novice with the call WN6QGF. After that he held 7 call signs: WA6QGF, WB7TTU, KB7FX, KE6IO, KG0HL, AA0XY and finally his current call of N0HD ! Wow, I think Bruce may hold the greatest quantities of call signs on the net !!! Back in the day of course, if one moved from one call area to another, the FCC would require you change your call sign accordingly. Thank goodness that’s a thing of the past eh ?

His first station consisted of a Swan 500C transceiver and a 40 Meter dipole. As Bruce puts it: Plenty of power, lots of TVI and a nifty VFO that drifted like a cork on the ocean. His current shack boasts of some much better equipment, but we always remember the thrill of the equipment and QSO’s made with that ifirst set up. His current station includes: an IC-7300, Palstar HF Auto Tuner, an ALS-1306 Amp and a Yaesu FT-857D which he hopes to put in the mobile some day in the future. His antenna at the house is a 43 Ft Vertical, an 80 Meter Carolina Windom and a Cushcraft A4S.

Bruce achieved his GERATOL # 1973 in March of 1996.  In addition to his work as our NCS Coordinator, Bruce was the creator of the “Veteran’s Salute” Award, which many of the regulars continue to pursue, and which is a great tribute to our veterans.

He joined the Navy right out of High School in 1973, because he says he was really not a farmer and hated milking cows. We “udderly” agree with that. He was hoping that 4 years in the U.S. Navy would help him get his head on straight and get positioned for a run at college. One thing led to another, and he ended up making the Navy his career, spending 20 years serving his country, for which we are all grateful. He did not totally forget college however and obtained his AAS degree in Farm Management in 1996.

Bruce recalls the highlight of his Naval career was being afforded the opportunity to make 3 deployments to Antarctica in the early 80’s. Wow, folks are now paying BIG bucks to take excursions there, to see Mother nature at her rawest. Today, many (myself included) try to track down RI1ANO operating from there on CW, to put that one in our log books, but Bruce got to operate KC4USY while stationed in Antarctica, running Phone Patches for those stationed there, and working all the DX he could handle. Imagine being at that end of the DX pile up ? Bruce knows what it is like. He says it was a BLAST !!

Bruce and his wife Judy with their Indian Chieftain Motorcycle

Now that he’s really, really retired he spends time shifting his focus between Ham Radio and restoring a few old AM broadcast radios. In addition, he enjoys gardening and riding his motorcycle during the nicer weather. He has a really sharp (see insert picture) Indian Chieftain motorcycle and is chomping at the bit for the weather to cooperate so he can take to the road. As the commercial on TV says, “Going Up Country” !!

Bruce has been married to his wife Judy (Also a Ham – KB0WVX) for 27 years and has a son (Steve) and two daughters (Becky and Sarah) as well as two step-sons (Matt, also a Ham – KB9JAW) and Michael. He has six grandkids, ranging in ages from 5 to 18, none of whom are licensed YET !! But with three other Hams in the family, it is probably only a matter of time.

I wish to thank Bruce for providing the information for our write up, which I only tweaked, as well as for his contributions to our grand old net, as well as his service to our Country. Take a minute to put a COMMENT on this post and express your own words to him. It only takes a minute, and the guys really appreciate it.
Kevin N1KL

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  1. Kevin says:

    Congrats on that new Indian Chieftain Bruce. I hope the WX finally clears out, and you and your wife get to enjoy a ride on that bike !! Thanks for your Navy service and above all, for the efforts you put forward as our NCS Coordinator, Award Designer and of course, frequent NCS operator on the GERATOL net !!! Kevin N1KL