75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Geratol Net Information Packet

I’ve received a copy of the Net Information Packet and added it to the Files page to make it available on the website. This is an important addition to the site as both a resource for those coming into the net and as the official word on the net.

The original Geratol Net website many years ago was built by quoting from a previous, now out of date, version of this packet. Over the years, as I’ve updated it, I’ve had to ad-lib parts of it, especially the newer parts that weren’t in the copy I had back then.

I’m always reluctant to make things up on my own and pass them off as official policy, so I try to keep close to the official version as possible. This will help me be sure all the information on this web page is right.

Please, whether you are new to the net, or an old-timer, download the information packet and keep it for reference. Some things have changed, but most has stayed the same, and you won’t know which until you have the official word.

Did you know the Extra-class exclusive sub-band has changed four times in the history of the net? I didn’t until I read this. I earned my Geratol number on the 3.768 net, so I was around for one of the moves. The others were before I got involved with the net.

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