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For those of you using the N3FJP logging software, in conjunction with tracking GERATOL QSO’s and endorsements, please note, that a new file has been placed out on the website. Go to the main tool bar at top of opening page, then to FILES then to ADDITIONAL AIDS AND FORMS FOR THE GERATOL NET and you will find the latest GNECAC file from Frosty there.

From: Frosty – W0FP
I added the AC on the end of the name to identify that it is for
N3FJP’s ACLog that produces Microsoft Access database Log files.
One thing that I found out is ACLog doesn’t put the Canadian province abbreviation.
in the state field of the log, so everyone will have to modify their log file
in ACLog adding the 2 letter province abbreviation in the State field
I found out that I can run both ACLog and GNECAC at the same time
that ACLog does not lock the log file while it is open.
ACLog is a great program.

One other thing, I put all of the abbreviations.
for the different items like initial call (IC) in the Comments field of ACLog
I moved the Other8 ACLog field on the main ACLog screen and placed it
between the County field and Country field and I renamed the Other8 field
GERATOL that is where I put the Geratol number.

If there are any questions, just ask. If people are moving their Win-EQF file
to ACLog with an ADIF file, to move the Geratol number from the EQF Track field
to the ACLog Other8 field, you have to rename the ACLog Other8 field
to APP_EQF_TRACK during the ADIF Import in ACLog. After the import
is complete, you name the Other8 field to GERATOL

I hope people enjoy this effort
73 Frosty W0FP

Frosty, thanks for the hard work and time you put into making all our logging files so useful.


With sadness, we have been informed that Fred, W0ULU GERATOL # 878 is now a Silent Key. Fred was a resident of Cottage Grove, Minnesota.


We would like to pass along our condolences to all his family and friends on his passing.


Well, guys continue to work toward completing the newest GERATOL Certificate being offered, entitled the CALL AREA CHALLENGE.

No one has completed or applied for the certificate as yet, but listening to the net, it is obvious that folks are having fun chasing QSO’s to complete the requirements. There have been a few new stations on frequency this season, some invited up by folks chasing the requirements for the certificate. So, if there are some call sign formats you need, regardless of what call area they currently reside in, feel free to fire off an invite, and have them come on frequency, to say hi and make a few QSO’s.

For example, if a station from Maine, (1st call area) checks in, and his/her call sign is W7XYZ, that call sign is good for the 1×3 format from 7th call area.

As the administrator of the certificate, I declared myself ineligible for the certificate, but will be confirming Logs submitted, for completion of the challenge, and to send those ops who complete the requirements, a nice copy of their certificate. (See example below) I can’t wait to issue the first one !!!

And don’t forget, we have a special ENDORSEMENT sticker, for those who work W1G, the Special Event call sign, commemorating the GERATOL Net, which will be activated on St. Patrick’s Day, 3/17 and remain active for an entire week.

All the best, and good hunting folks, and above all “have fun” chasing it.

73 from the Website Administrator

PS My thanks to Al, AE2T for his recent assistance on some of our website file placements. Thanks for always being on hand to assist Al !! Much appreciated N1KL

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