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The 50th Anniversary 2021/2022 GERATOL Net season will be wrapping up the end of April. With the daylight savings time shift behind us, there is still time to get on the net, work some old friends and/or meet some new ones. The net still launches at 0100Z each evening, on 3.668 Mhz +/- QRM.

Also, don’t forget, the Special Anniversary Certificate, sponsored by Dave and Sandy, is still attainable for those who have not yet completed the requirements. (see example of certificate below)

50th Anniversary Certificate

Details for how to qualify for the certificate may be found on our GERATOL Website.

Our Anniversary Special Event Station, “W1G” completed it’s run, with hundreds of QSO’s on multiple bands and modes. All QSL cards for those who worked W1G on the net frequency, during the net have been mailed out. So, if you have not yet received your commemorative card (See below example) send an email to Kevin at and let him know. For those who worked W1G on other bands, and/or not during the net, who sent an SASE, those cards have also been mailed.

GERATOL 50th !



We would like to thank the following Hams for taking the time to register on our GERATOL Website. All four of you have been granted “Contributor” status, since you registered using your call signs. This means you may make “comments” on POSTS such as this one, or even place a POST of interest of your own.

New Website Registrants:

  • DAVE – W2DJG (KC2BLF) – Kentucky
    • Dave hails from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is an Army veteran, and operates many bands, as well as Echo Link. Dave, let us know what repeater you may access via Echo Link, so we can give you a shout over 2 Meters !!
  • ALAN – KO4ELM – Virginia
    • Alan brings the Commonwealth of Virginia to the ham bands. QRZ has Alan listed as a Technician level operator. Alan, if you have recently upgraded, congratulations, if not, we hope to hear you on the net when you upgrade to Extra. In the mean time, you are welcome t our website, and wish you all the best.
  • CHUCK – N5WGA – Oklahoma
    • Chuck is a former over the road trucker, (Thanks for keeping our country moving Chuck) and uses Solar extensively. Hope to hear you on the net soon Chuck.
  • NF9O – Lynn – Wisconsin
    • Lynn brings the state of Wisconsin to the net, as well as the format of call needed for folks to work the basic. ALL formats are welcome/encouraged and supported, but the 1×2, 2x2A and 2×1 are needed for those working toward their basic award. I wonder if you are still using that GAP Titan antenna. My Dad used one for years, with very good results.

We are now over 285 registered users on our website. Wow, that’s a long way from where we were just a couple years ago. Keep an eye on the website guys, and send me a note if there is anything you would like to get posted, or have mentioned, or whatever. It’s our website, and a great place to exchange information about our experiences on the net, or whatever topic may be of interest.

Regards, Kevin N1KL

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