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GERATOL Net News & Welcome

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The new GERATOL Anniversary Certificate is being actively pursued on the net. Our Awards Manager, KJ8V informed me that he has issued several certificates already !! That is awesome. Again, thanks to both Dave (KJ8V) and Sandy (KJ8W) for their sponsorship of this exciting new certificate, celebrating 50 Years of the GERATOL Worked All States Net.

If you have not heard about it yet, check the POST on our website explaining how to qualify for one, or simply go to our website, and look under the AWARDS tab, at the top of the site’s tool bar.

Welcome New Website Subscribers

The following hams took the time to register on our GERATOL Website. Let’s give them a hearty welcome aboard, and we hope to hear and work them on the net this season. WELCOME guys !!

  • KD9SWA – Lee from Wisconsin. Lee’s 2×3 “K” will be sought out by the guys looking to complete Endorsement #17 to work stations with 2X3 Call sign formats.
  • N7KJ – Scott from Montana. Those looking to complete Endorsement #18 for State Capitols, will be glad to hear Scott on from Helena, MT !!
  • WB2JCC – Matty from New York. Always great to have a NY station on the net, but Matty also operates out of Maine ! So be on the look out !!

Welcome aboard to each and every one of you, and should you have any questions about the website, or the net in general, feel free to fire me off a note to:

73 to all, Kevin N1KL

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3 Responses to “GERATOL Net News & Welcome”

  1. Lee says:

    I may not be able to connect with my present antenna as most of the time I can only hear one side of conversations. I have a mobile antenna mounted about 15 ft high and grounded to TV tower. hopefully a better antenna in time. First radio FT991a June 21. Got my Extra License in August. I am a pretty green Ham and may fumble a bit when I get on the radio. At 76 hrs old, only a Ham for 6 month…..see how it goes…thanks for the Net.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Lee, sounds like your having fun experimenting and getting used to finding solutions to challenges we all face as HAMS !! Good luck on all that, and no worries…you are welcome on the net any time you feel ready to check in !! Regards, Kevin N1KL