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Welcome Aboard:

Let’s welcome aboard to our GERATOL Website, the latest new subscriber, Robert – K6UJ. Robert hails from the state of CA, and as we all know, having a 1×2 “K” Call from CA helps those looking to complete Endorsement # 1 and in addition, Robert’s call qualifies for those looking to complete the Basic award and are in need of CA. Robert, thanks for taking the time to register on our website. If you have any questions about the site, or about the net, feel free to send me a note and I will attempt to assist. In the mean time, as conditions are improving, we hope to hear you on the net some evening, at 0100Z on 3.668 Mhz.

Tips for completing Endorsements:

Many of the regulars on the net enjoy working toward completing some of our fun and challenging Endorsements, while simultaneously putting their respective state on frequency for those working toward their basic. For those not yet using GNEC, it’s a great tool for tracking progress on your Endorsements. (See example screen shot below of GNEC)

GNEC Endorsement Tracker

As the rules for Endorsements point out, contacts for their completion must be made in the Extra Class portion of the 80M phone Ham band. This may done outside of regular net times. There have been several occasions where I’ve simply tuned up on the net frequency during our off periods, or earlier in the day, put out a CQ and have made contact with some old GERATOL’ers or stations with prefixes or suffixes, etc. I needed.

Another good idea, is to take advantage of various contests throughout the year. My strategy is to jot down several of the Endorsement requirements I need, such as State Abbreviations (Endorsement # 5, or double letter suffixes (Endorsement #6) prior to a contest. As the contest is raging, I cherry pick those calls I may need, to help fill in some Endorsement requirements. Of course, those QSO’s need to be within that Extra Class portion of the 80M Phone band, or 3.600-3.700 Mhz.

For example, as the GNEC update for what I need on Endorsement #2 below reflects, I need two more states with “N” 1×2 call signs, Idaho and Oregon. If I happen to hear these in the Extra Class portion of the band during a contest, I would try to work them to help me complete the Endorsement.

If any of you have other “Tips” or “Suggestions” to help fill in some of the Endorsement or Award blanks, feel free to leave a “Comment” on this post.

Above all, have fun on the net, and remember, our life blood for the net is encouraging those new folks who stop by the net, and to invite folks on the net to join the fun. As always, a BIG THANK YOU to our dedicated Net Control Stations who keep the net alive each season !!

Kevin N1KL Website Admin

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