75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

GERATOL Seeks Net Officer Nominations

Greetings to all GERATOL Net Members

The net is seeking nominations for the following officer positions:

— Chairman of the Board

— Vice Chairman of the Board

— Net Secretary

— Net Treasurer

Anyone who wishes to nominate a candidate of their choice, may notify any of the following members of the nomination Committee, of their nominations.

The Nomination Committee members by call area are as follows:
1st call district   N1KL
2nd call district  AA1TA
3rd call district   W3ON
4th call district   AA4HF
5th call district   WG5N
6th call district   W6VY
7th call district   N7UT
8th call district   KJ8V
9th call district   AC9GK
10th call district AA0ZP

The nomination committee is comprised of volunteers, who do not solicit nominations, but who are there to facilitate taking the names of anyone you would like to nominate for any and all of the Net Officer positions listed.

They will keep track of any nominations they receive, and will forward those nominations to the GERATOL Net Secretary: Frank AA0ZP by December 30th, 2017

Anyone that is nominated has to be asked if they will accept the job,  no surprise nominations should be made.

So if you wish to place someone’s name in nomination,  feel free to contact any of the nominating committee of your choice.   Time is of the essence, since names must be submitted to our Net Secretary by December 30th.

Regards, Kevin N1KL


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