75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

K5VG back

I’ll be checking net freq this every now and then at 0100Z, QRN permitting. See you folks in October. 73, John K5VG #2097

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  1. k5vg says:

    10/07/2022 Well, the email announcing that post came out on the Google group 3 days ago, but I posted it last Spring. So it was this October I was referring to–I am not leaving for the rest of the season hi hi. I guess I should datestamp the articles I post since this website isn’t set up to do that. 😀

    • k5vg says:

      Interesting. Now they are being datestamped.

    • Kevin says:

      Sorry about the delay. The system has it’s ups and downs. This time it was DOWN, and I was never notified your POST was outstanding. In addition, it did not show up when I went in for regular maintenance, as an open awaiting approval POST. N1KL Kevin