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Net Control Coordinator

The GERATOL net is looking for someone to volunteer as our Net Control Coordinator. At this writing, Bruce, N0HD has decided to retire from the position.

Please take a moment to reply to this post or fire off an email and thank Bruce for his efforts over the last few years, as our NCC. Without volunteers like Bruce, and of course, all of our amazing Net Control Stations, we would have no net at all.

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“Looking for Check-Ins “

For the time being, Dave, KJ8V has agreed to volunteer as the “ACTING” NCC, until someone volunteers to assume that role.

If you are interested in helping insure the GERATOL Net tradition continues, and would like to volunteer for the position of NCC, please contact either Dave, KJ8V or Frosty, W0FP.

Dave, KJ8V can be reached via e-mail:
Dave Ertel, KJ8V #523/2595

Frosty, W0FP can be reached via e-mail:
Frosty Phillips WØFP #2026

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2 Responses to “Net Control Coordinator”

  1. Kevin says:

    Bruce, thanks for your efforts as our NCC over the years, and we hope you enjoy your retirement.
    Regards, Kevin N1KL

  2. Dave KJ8V says:

    Bruce,Many thanks for all you have done for the Net, especially NCC. Sandy and I hope you are enjoying your retirement. Can’t beat it. Hope you can find time to check in on the Net. It’s always great to hear the VOICE of Iowa. Thanks again and Best 73
    All the Best Dave KJ8V & Sandy KJ8W